Airtight Warranty

An Airtight Warranty For Your
Indianapolis Bathroom

It’s Real. It’s Ironclad.

There are no hidden icebergs. We promise.

When you read through our warranty for our Onyx shower and bath systems, there’s something that strikes you as odd.

It’s written in REAL and CLEAR language. There’s no room for ambiguity.

The average homeowner is pretty jaded when it comes to warranties. We’ve all had one too many experiences where a great-sounding warranty wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. There are so many possible ways to phrase something in order to mislead homeowners into thinking that they have full coverage.

In reality, most remodeling companies simply can’t afford to provide homeowners with a SOLID warranty because they don’t have enough faith in their products and workmanship. If a company has any doubts about how well their products will hold up, or they use subcontractors for most of their installations — leaving them no way to monitor the quality of their workmanship — it would be foolhardy to have a comprehensive warranty in place.

Lucky for us, we have none of these problems.

We KNOW beyond any reasonable doubt that our shower and bath systems are made of the most durable material that EXISTS.

We also KNOW without any hesitation that our workmanship is STELLAR. We don’t hire subcontractors for our installations. We have handpicked employees who work with passion and enthusiasm.