Core Values

Every Move We Make Is Informed By A
Set Of Solid Core Values

When We Remodel Your Indianapolis Home,
These Core Values Guide Our Work

You might have heard the term ‘core values’ bandied around by companies in an effort to show you that they’re motivated by more than just making money. But rarely do they actually know what their core values are, and what they mean in real life.

Not us.

Every single one of our employees knows and feels that the values of integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect guide their actions—every step of the way.


Integrity is something that can’t be taught—it’s inborn. Which is why we screen every one of our employees for honesty. We say what we mean, we mean what we say—and we NEVER do anything that even smells underhanded.


You can have the best product in the world and the most experienced workers, but without compassion, you might as well close up shop. Caring for our customers is the juice that fuels our company. We’re enthusiastic, empathetic, and kind to EVERY SINGLE customer.


We pick up the phone EVERY TIME you call. We update you every step of the way. And we ALWAYS hear what you have to say.


We have a ZERO tolerance policy for finger-pointing, shifting blame, and evading responsibility. Every one of our employees knows that if something needs to be dealt with, you STEP UP TO THE PLATE—no matter what the mishap is, and no matter who’s involved.


We RESPECT your time, your money, and your space. That’s why we’re always punctual. Our quotes are always reliable. And we always clean up after ourselves.