Expert Installation

Our Checklists Are Really Long Because
Our Standards Are Really High

We Measure Thrice And Cut Once

If you took a look at our checklists, you might think we need to take one of those online “how to tell if you have OCD” quizzes.

Our lists are extremely detailed and precise—for good reason.

Before we even pick up a tool, we know EXACTLY where your grab bars will go. We know exactly where your shower niche will go. And we know the exact measurements for every other part of your shower or tub.

We leave NO room for interpretation. Because that leaves NO room for error.

We Make Sure To Do It Right The FIRST Time

In the remodeling industry, seconds are not a sign of a hearty appetite—they’re a sign of failure. In fact, our goal is that our customers should NEVER feel the need to ask for seconds. Because that means that the first job we did missed the mark.

Call it whatever you like—a remake, a do-over, take two—we do EVERYTHING we can so that you don’t ever need to say those words.

We make sure to hit a hole-in-one the FIRST time around—and spare you time, money, and gray hairs.