Our Story

We’re The Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeler That’s
In The Business Of Making People Happy

If You’re Happy, We’re Happy

It may sound cheesy, but it’s the truth.

When we’re done working on your bathroom, the smile on your face MAKES OUR DAY. At that point, it doesn’t matter how worn out, sweaty, or exhausted we are—you just made it ALL worth it.

We Came. We Saw.

When we started this company, we noticed a few stressful issues that homeowners kept bumping up against.

  1. Homeowners would redo their showers or tubs and be out thousands of dollars but have little to show for it.

    Often, the very materials that were touted as ‘the best’ would become warped, cracked, and moldy only a short time later.

  2. Surprisingly, there were little to NO Indianapolis bathroom remodelers who did more than just remodel showers and tubs.

    If a homeowner wanted to have their flooring & vanity redone in addition to their shower or tub, they would need to hop back on the merry-go-round of hunting for remodelers.

  3. Remodeling projects took FOREVER.

    “I’d love to be busy installing my shower for months with no end in sight”, said NO HOMEOWNER EVER. It was time for ‘remodeling’ to NOT be synonymous with ‘headache.’

We Conquered.

Eight Hour Shower eliminated all of these nuisances:

  1. We install Onyx shower and bath systems for…wait for it…AFFORDABLE RATES.

    We actually give you good rates for TOP quality products. Shocker.

    After sampling maaany different materials, we settled on Onyx—the KING of the acrylic family. Onyx is a private label manufacturer that makes shower and bath systems that LAST. They also look STUNNING. And they’re super easy to clean.

    In fact, if you’re installing or remodeling your shower—we literally can’t think of a good enough reason for you not to go with Onyx.

  2. We offer FULL bathroom remodeling.

    We’re awesome at installing showers and tubs, but guess what?

    We’re ALSO awesome at installing new flooring. And installing vanities. And toilets. And anything else you need to make your bathroom your ultimate comfort zone.

  3. We give you a (short) timeframe—and we ALWAYS stick to it.

    When we schedule your project, we give you an estimate of how many days it will take, and we’re usually dead-on. NO glib “we’ll finish up tomorrow”s that turn out to be next month. NO workers traipsing in and out of your home for days on end. In fact, there are some projects we can start and finish in as little as ONE DAY.