Unbeatable Prices

Welcome To The Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeler
That Has Unbeatable Prices

When We Say Unbeatable,

Companies say all sorts of things. And most of them mean less than nothing.

But when we say something, you can be damn sure we MEAN it.

“Unbeatable” is a bold term, and it would make sense for you to be skeptical. So, we’ll break down exactly how we arrived at this conclusion.

First, we looked into the big box stores—and we discovered that mediocre to poor quality shower and bath systems are being sold for TOP DOLLAR amounts.

Then, we looked for the STURDIEST shower and bath system out there—and we hit the jackpot with Onyx.

Finally, we crunched the numbers to see how low we can make our prices while still turning a profit.

The result?

We sell the HIGHEST QUALITY shower and bath systems at a price that’s up to 33% LOWER than our competitors—sometimes more.

We Make SMART Choices So That You Pay Less

You might be wondering how we’re able to give you great products for affordable rates. It almost seems too good to be true.

It’s not.

We run our company SMARTLY, and this is reflected in the rates you pay.

A perfect example of this is the way we run our financing system. Lots of companies use a financing system that gobbles up a whopping 12% of their gross profit. As crazy as it sounds, this translates into HALF to TWO-THIRDS of their net profit.

As a customer, you might be swayed by super low financing options. BUT many homeowners don’t realize that companies account for this loss by hiking up their prices.

We use a financing platform that operates differently, and does not unnecessarily eat up our profits. Which allows us to offer you unbeatable prices!