Bathtub Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

The Sturdiest Bathtubs In

Our Tubs Are 400% Thicker
Than The Competition

A long soak in the tub is a tried and trusted way to wash off the day’s stress and worries…but a grimy or chipped tub can make you come face to face with your frustrations instead of rinsing them away.

Is your bathtub adding stress to your life, instead of getting rid of it?

When you get a bathtub from Eight Hour Shower, you can feel 100% confident that it will BE THERE FOR YOU. Without chipping. Without cracking. Without warping. And you won’t start feeling any bumps or ridges beneath you, either. There are a few reasons why Indianapolis homeowner’s choose Eight Hour Shower, and our incredible quality and attention to detail are two of them.

We get our materials from Onyx — a company that makes materials THICKER than every other bathroom manufacturer. If we had a time machine, we would be able to skip ahead 10 or 15 years to show you that the bathtub we installed for you now is still in MINT condition years later.

Modern And Comfortable Bathroom Bath Tub With Wooden Table And Toiletries

No Cutting Corners

Did you ever think to ask how much silicone is in your silicone caulk? We’re guessing you didn’t.

There’s no end to the number of ways remodeling companies can cut corners. Like using “silicone” caulk that’s made of 50% silicone and 50% cheaper materials.

We ONLY use materials that are 100% as advertised. That means when we use silicone caulk, we use a product that is 100% silicone, with no junky fillers. To put this in perspective, one tube of our silicone caulk is the equivalent of TWO tubes of the “silicone” caulk that our competitors use.

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Pulse Bathtub


If you want to know how much a company believes in the products they use, just take a look at their warranty. If a product won’t last the year, there’s NO WAY a company can have a solid warranty — that would be pouring money down the drain.

When you read through our warranty, it looks different than your typical warranty because there’s NO fluff, NO loopholes, and NO confusing language designed to throw you off the scent. Just a lifetime, no questions asked guarantee — it’s that simple.

That’s because we BELIEVE in our products. And we can be absolutely confident that our warranty is only for fluke situations. In fact, we can’t remember the last time one of our customers filed a warranty claim.

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