October 27, 2022

Talk With A Real Person Who Remembers You,
Instead Of Getting The Robot Runaround

It’s The Little Things That Make Your
Remodeling Experience… Unforgettable!

Think about all the positive relationships you have in your life. Chances are, the common denominator between all of them is the ability to Communicate Effectively. Sure, you may not talk to your best friend every day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s poor communication.

But when it comes to the contractor you hire to remodel your bathroom, going days without a response to a question or concern is undeniably disheartening. Or worse yet, getting the same list of options from a robotic voice intent on never connecting you with an actual human being.

You’ve just forked over a good chunk of money and your home to people you might have only recently met. And when those people don’t keep you updated on the status of your remodel or even remember who you are, it can start to feel like a never-ending nightmare.

When You Call, We ALWAYS Remember You —
No Matter Who Picks Up

As soon as you choose Eight Hour Shower for your Bathroom Remodel, you’ll instantly be assigned a team of professionals dedicated to your needs. This superstar crew is your first point of contact throughout the project and will be readily available to answer any questions.

Since you’ll be working with the same crew from day one, you’ll never be stuck explaining your situation over and over again to a new team member every time you get us on the phone. They will remember your name, your home, and your project details.
Good luck getting the same experience going the big-box retail route with a cookie-cutter customer service department doing the bare minimum.

Stay Updated On Your Project Status —
Even If Nothing’s Changed

Not only will we answer your phone calls, but we’ll also take the initiative to reach out to you regularly to give any, and all updates regarding the status of your bathroom remodel. Since every project isn’t as speedy as our Lightning-Quick Shower Replacements, consistent updates alleviate stress during more complex remodels.

Do you know the phrase “no news is good news”? That doesn’t fly with us.

Instead, we give you a complimentary phone call letting you know everything is going to plan, so you’re not left wondering. We cover every base so you can sit back and relax while we transform your bathroom into a stunning oasis.

Avoid Calls From Numbers You Don’t Recognize?
We Have A Plan For That

How many times a month do you get a phone call from a random number and just let it go to voicemail rather than see who it is? We’d be willing to bet it’s quite a few!

In today’s world of ever-progressing technology, robocalls are becoming a serious headache for most Indiana homeowners. And let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t feel like talking on the phone.

We totally get that!

Texting. Over time it’s become an effective way to get in touch with folks. And, it’s less intrusive. So, in addition to calling you with updates the old-fashioned way, we’ll shoot you a text update.

Count On Local Expert Bathroom Remodelers
Who Genuinely Care!

Having a consistent point of contact throughout the entire bathroom remodeling experience is just one of the ways we show Indiana homeowners we care about their needs and value their time. In fact, communication is one of our company’s Core Values that we impose on every one of our employees.

Whether you’re simply looking to replace your shower doors or going all in on a full bathroom remodel, we’re here to help! Get Started and call us at (616) 333-5335 to schedule your free consultation.