November 23, 2022

5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Make Your
Indianapolis, IN Bathroom More Accessible

Bathtub Remodels Provide Greater Accessibility

Feel stuck with the bathroom you have? As your needs change through the years, so should our bathrooms – and that means making them more accessible. After all, they’re one of the most used rooms in the house, so why should we give up the comfort and functionality we deserve?

Whether you’ve added members to the family or your physical needs have evolved, keeping your bathroom in tune with your lifestyle is vital in ensuring a calm mind. There are so many great bathroom remodeling ideas to improve your quality of life — it’d be a shame not to take advantage.

Here are five ways to make your bathroom more accessible during a remodel.

Walk-In Showers

Installing a walk-in shower is one of the best improvements you can add to your bathroom to make it more accessible. Removing the hurdle of a bathtub ledge is the difference between living alone and moving to assisted care for some people.

Take the worry and stress out of your daily hygiene routine by adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom. Tub-to-shower conversions are the perfect solution. Not only are showers safer, but they take up less space in your bathroom.

Removing the tub can add much more room to your floor plan, giving you space to move around easier and without constant obstacles. Many people let their tubs sit vacant, taking up valuable real estate when a walk-in shower can prove much more functional.

Free Floating Vanities

Bathroom vanities do not necessarily need cabinetry and storage underneath. Sometimes a sink and countertop are all you need, giving you more leg clearance. Floating vanities are also incredible for those in wheelchairs, providing open access to your bathroom sink and counter.

We spend a lot of time at our bathroom vanities – washing our hands and performing our daily routines. Floating vanities give many people the freedom to conduct their process without the assistance of others. These also take the strain of twisting and turning away, allowing you to sit face-first in front of the mirror and sink.

If you choose to install storage under your floating vanities, you can customize it to be visible. You can easily avoid the nuisance of bending down to see what’s in your storage with clear, open storage solutions. Additionally, you’ll prevent potential trips and falls without the obstacle of a bulky full-size vanity in your way.

Handrails And Grab Bars

Adding handrails to your shower walls and door can be beneficial when installing a new shower. Handrails prevent falls and injuries every day. With surrounding slick surfaces, it’s easy to slip when getting in and out of showers and tubs, but handrails significantly lessen the severity of this hazard.

Handrails inside your shower can help brace you for your bathing process, giving you peace of mind. The best part is that handrails can easily be installed and adjusted to your height, giving you needed assistance.

Grab bars are also handy in closing shower doors, freeing you from stretching and leaning over. They not only prevent body strain but add another layer of safety to your bathroom.

Slip-Resistant Floors

Many falls in the bathroom occur outside of the shower or bathtub, just from regular maneuvering around the space. Bathroom floors get slippery, whether from water leaks and spills or just slick tiles, but installing slip-resistant floor tiles can help give you traction and confidence when walking around your bathroom.

Many tile and flooring manufacturers now create textured tiles with rougher surfaces, keeping you safe from slips and falls. Plus, slip-resistant floors now come in many different styles, materials, and colors, allowing your bathroom to maintain its beautification while still being safe.

Easy To Reach Storage

In the same way, incorporating customizable storage under your floating vanity gives you greater accessibility. Adding easy-to-reach and personalized shelving allows you greater ease of motion.

Lower shelves and cabinets to meet your height and reach capabilities can prevent muscle strain and back pain, giving you greater freedom in your bathroom. Being able to reach things yourself gives you a better sense of bodily autonomy and control, building confidence and independence.

Easy-to-reach storage also prevents the potential of items breaking, crashing, and being hit by falling objects. Shelving units on wheels are also great options, allowing you to pull your storage towards you, and are easy to transport around the floor.

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Indianapolis, IN, Bathroom More Accessible

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