December 16, 2022

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Tub Or Shower For Your Indianapolis Remodel

Learn All Of The Facts Before Installing Your Next Shower Or Bathtub

When remodeling bathrooms, many Indianapolis homeowners are left wondering what is best to install – a shower or a bath. There are quite a few things to consider when making this important decision, so it’s best to look at it from several angles.

Many people don’t have the space for both a shower and a bathtub and prefer not to have a combo. When this is the case, a little bit of research and consultation with the right company can save you a lot of money and wasted time.

Here are five things to consider when deciding on a shower or a bath for your next bathroom remodel.

1. Space And Bathroom Layout

One of the biggest and most essential elements to consider before choosing a bathtub or shower for your bathroom is the room’s overall square footage. The allotted space you have for your fixture might dictate your options.

Almost all bathrooms are laid out differently, with unique obstacles and details to keep in mind when remodeling. Although moving your shower or bathtub is possible, it’s usually much easier and more efficient to keep it in its original location.

Also, depending on the amount of space needed for your new shower or tub, fixtures, walls, and other structural home elements must be adjusted before installation. This, in turn, may push you to consider how the change will affect other rooms of your house. If you need to reroute plumbing or alter your room’s walls, you’d likely want to know this before making a decision.

2. Your Current Physical Needs

As much as we all would like a clawfoot tub, they aren’t always practical. Tubs, in general, are more challenging to get in and out of, making them less than ideal for those with disabilities or aging joints.

In this case, step-in showers might be your best bet. Walk-in showers are easily accessible, practical, and still look great in a bathroom remodel. Plus, with your wide variety of choices of shower doors, you can still personalize and customize your shower space. Also, grab bars and handicap-accessible additions can be added to a shower.

For those who prefer to take a bath, installing a standalone shower proves pointless and just takes up and needlessly occupies a lot of valuable space. Athletes, parents with small children, and those who prefer restorative and relaxing salt or bubble baths will most likely benefit more from a functional bathtub.

3. Bathtubs Are Usually A Better Long-Term Investment

Though any upgrades to your bathroom are typically a good investment and contribute to your resale value, bathtubs hold the most value. Many potential home buyers look for nice, new bathtubs when searching for their dream home.

This puts tubs at a great advantage over showers, which tend to have a lower resale value. However, the Return On Investment (ROI) rates tend to change with time, affecting what is more valuable and coveted when you go to sell.

It’s helpful to research the ROI statistics and rates before installing your bathtub or shower to educate yourself on the current demands.

4. Showers Typically Use Less Water

Although bathroom automation is changing the future of bathing and its environmental impact, showers still typically use less water than baths. The amount of water used can determine if your primary concern is water efficiency or energy bills – you may want to remove your bathtub to save money.

Low-flow showerheads usually use about 2.1 gallons of water a minute, making shower-taking water efficient and lowering your overall carbon footprint. To keep your footprint smaller than taking a bath, you just have to keep your shower to less than 12 minutes, as regular baths use about 25 to 40 gallons of water each.

You’ll not only feel great about helping the environment but see savings in your energy bills, as well. Though the savings may seem small at first, they add up over time, making showers more fiscally appealing in the long run.

5. Bathtubs May Be Initially More Affordable

Generally speaking, bathtub installations are typically cheaper than shower installations. There is a wide range in pricing for both tubs and showers, depending on what kind you’re getting.

If you’re looking to save money right off the bat, a bathtub might be a better choice, but it’s wise to consider all the pricing factors before settling on one option. Things like water heater capacity and other home appliance considerations can come into play, so decide what you’re willing to spend before investing.

Let An Experienced Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeling Company Help You Decide Whether You Need A Bathtub Or A Shower

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