January 18, 2022

Can You Guess Which Shower Is An Eight Hour Shower?

Hint: Look For The One With All The Extras

We believe in doing things FULLY.

So, when we install your shower we make sure to include anything and everything that will make your showering experience more enjoyable.

We’re talking about custom glass shower doors so that you don’t have to deal with flimsy curtains and rods that come crashing down at the slightest tug.

And showerheads that look gorgeous and do their job WELL.

Shower nooks that fit seamlessly into your bathroom design…

And grab bars in all the right places.

See The Eight Hour Shower Difference For Yourself

Eight Hour Shower only installed one of these showers — can you pick it out?

Shower A:

Shower With Curtain And White Tiled Walls

Shower B:

Onyx Pepper Shower Pan Snowswirl Walls Constellation Stripe Custom Shower Door Lvp Floor Eight Hour Shower

If you picked Shower B, you’re spot on!

When we install your shower, we include all the bells and whistles. Bare bones is NOT our style because we realize that the nicer the showerhead, the more sleek the shower door, and the more amenities are included, the more comfortable your shower experience is.

We NEVER settle for anything that will provide you with less than the MAXIMUM comfort you can enjoy. Our formula for giving you a shower that provides ultimate relaxation and comfort has never failed us so far: Premium products combined with expert installation.


Do you want a shower that covers all the bases, or a shower that is NEXT LEVEL gorgeous, durable, and sleek? If it’s the latter, contact Eight Hour Shower!

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