January 24, 2022
Case Study

Carol Had TWO Bathroom Facelifts Done In ONE Week

That’s The Time It Takes Other Companies To Remodel A Single Shower

Carol wanted to have two bathrooms totally overhauled.

“I wanted to completely replace the shower stall, replace the toilets, install a new vanity, install new flooring…the works.”

She never dreamed that it would all be FULLY done in just one week.

“Normally these things drag on and on…but with Eight Hour Shower, everything fell into place incredibly fast.”

And yet, despite the speed that Eight Hour Shower operated with — not one single detail escaped the workers attention. Nothing was brushed under the rug. And none of Carol’s questions and concerns were ignored or downplayed.

Our core values guide our interactions with customers. Compassion, respect, and communication — among others — are values we don’t compromise on EVER. Read more about our values.

Every Issue Was Nipped In The Bud RIGHT AWAY

“When they brought in one of the products, I saw that there was a pretty noticeable gray spot on it, and that bothered me.”

Eight Hour Shower didn’t brush off Carol’s concerns. They removed the spot right then and there.

And this same attitude carried over to the way they interacted with Carol and dealt with any bumps along the way.

“All my questions were answered right away. Any concerns I had were dealt with right away. Any problems that came up were smoothed out right away.”

It was like the Eight Hour Shower installers had never heard of the concept of procrastinating. It simply wasn’t an option not to do something right then and there.

Find out more about who we are to understand how this attitude shapes everything we do.

“Wow, I NEED To Call Whoever Did This”

When Carol’s stepdaughter and her husband saw the stunning bathrooms in her home — they were hooked.

In fact, they have a project with Eight Hour Shower scheduled for November!

Do you need a bathroom remodeler who does things RIGHT and RIGHT AWAY? Look through our gallery to find something you like, and contact us!

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