October 14, 2022

5 Common Mistakes When Remodeling
Your Indianapolis Bathroom

We Want To Help You Avoid These Frequent
Bathroom Remodeling Errors

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, we’ve seen it all, from lousy shower placement to inaccurate measurements to underestimated budgets. Without the right professionals, many things can arise when planning and executing your next bathroom remodeling project.

At Eight Hour Shower, we know there are many components to keep in mind when diving into this kind of home renovation, making it easy to fall victim to mistakes. Using our experience and expertise, we want to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes. By nipping them the bud up front, you’ll save a lot of time, energy, and money in the long run.

Whether you’re doing a shower remodel, bathtub remodel, or a complete bathroom remodel, here are 5 of the most common mistakes to avoid.

1. Underestimating Your Budget

It doesn’t need to cost an arm and leg to remodel your home bathroom, but you should have an accurate budget in mind before making any critical decisions. Without conducting proper research, it’s easy to underestimate what you really need to spend.

Bathroom remodels can be one of the more expensive rooms of your home to remodel. By considering all the particulars, you can easily avoid going over budget.

2. Choosing The Wrong Products

When choosing the right products for your bathroom remodel, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused. After all, there is an abundance of brands, styles, and prices to choose from when it comes to showers, bathtubs, vanities, sinks, and floors.

Homeowners can be easily swayed by the newest bathroom gadgets and trendy products. Often, these items are overpriced, poorly made, and lose their shiny appeal quickly.

Choosing quality products that you know will last for years is best. Choosing timeless core bathroom products, like bathtubs and showers, will save you a lot of disappointment and heartache in the long run.

3. Creating An Impractical Floor Plan

Some designers draw up grand yet unworkable floor plans when remodeling home bathrooms. Things like space, mobility, and comfort are crucial to keep in mind, and deciding the purpose and intention of your bathroom can prevent strain in the future.

For instance, if you’re remodeling a guest bathroom, consider the actual guests using it and what they’ll need for comfort. Children’s bathrooms will be designed much differently than the master bath. Each of these bathrooms needs to accommodate someone different, so it’s best to plan when envisioning the room design.

Also, moving main fixtures, like tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks, can often lead to construction woes and unwanted hassles. Many people also want to cram oversized fixtures or too many items into their bathrooms, creating even more clutter and stress.

Hiring a professional can help you envision which products will work in your space. Getting creative in your floor plan allows you to get the bathroom of your dreams.

4. Forgetting To Install Storage

Too often, people get so excited about a new bathtub or vanity that they overlook the necessary storage. No matter what your bathroom will be used for or who will be using it, it’s important to keep storage in mind. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, it’s nice to have it organized and clutter-free.

Storage often becomes an afterthought, forcing homeowners to settle for a last-minute solution. This can lead to purchasing oversized cabinets or improperly fitting shelving.

When deciding on storage solutions for your new bathroom, it’s best to consider what items will be stored, the placement of the storage, and the amount of space you’re willing to use for storage. Proper storage should still be beautiful and seamlessly work with the rest of the bathroom.

Factoring in bathroom storage before starting your home remodel certainly prevents future disappointment.

5. Penny Pinching On The Details

Of course, there are elements to a bathroom remodel that don’t need as much monetary attention as others. Some things, like paint color or wallpaper, can easily be changed or swapped through the years based on your evolving tastes.

However, you shouldn’t forget about details like flooring and tile work. Improperly installed flooring can lead to many problems down the line – it ages faster and gives your bathroom an unpolished look.

Similarly, improperly installed showers can lead to several issues, like moisture and mold problems. The correct products for sealing water fixtures can be the difference between enjoying your bathroom for years to come and filing an insurance claim. For instance, silicone caulk creates a tight seal and is moisture resistant, while other caulkings can lead to loads of trouble.

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We want to help you avoid these common bathroom remodeling mistakes at Eight Hour Shower. We know how stressful mistakes can be and how much money they’ll cost you. But more importantly, we know how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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