November 28, 2022

What Other Bathroom Remodeling Contractors
Can Say This About Their Installers?

A Handful Of Our Guys Actually Used To Run
Their Own Remodeling Businesses

When you hire a remodeler, you hire their installers. It all comes down to how good they are and how they treat your project.

“Our lead installers, well, most of them, actually ran their own remodeling companies!”

Greg Dewitt – Founder/Owner of Eight Hour Shower.


They paid their dues and reached a point where they could open up shop and successfully run their home improvement business… but couldn’t figure out how to enjoy the ownership side of things. So, they folded up shop, ended up working with us, and they’ve been happily wearing our company shirt for a long time now.

First, let’s chat about why they didn’t like running things.

The Endless Administrative Work!

For our installers, the job is their passion; the job site is their home away from home. Yes, it puts food on the table and helps them care for their families as well, but it’s also something they deeply enjoy – being able to transform spaces!

As a Bathroom Remodeling installer, you’re always doing what you love. As a business owner… not so much. There are stacks of paperwork to get through (not to mention emails), phone calls to make, sales to do, quotes to manage, material purchasing, project oversight, etc.

They put on the ownership hat, saw what it took to fulfill that role every day, and it just didn’t suit their lifestyle or goals. It’s more common than you might think. It’s one of the reasons so many Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, and St. Louis remodeling companies come and go every other year.

Why They Love Working For Eight Hour Shower

With their talent and training, they could work anywhere. Why do they choose to stick with us? Well, on one hand, it’s functional. We’re close to home and their families, and our Service Areas work well for them.

On the other hand, thanks to our experience and exceptional management, our installers enjoy being part of a polished process. They can focus on their craft and know they’re taken care of!

  • We have professional product experts to handle sales.
  • We have highly competent administrative staff.
  • This includes bookkeepers, schedulers, and an operations manager.
  • We’re family-oriented and driven by Core Values rather than cold hard profit.

It’s Also Nice Being Able To Work With
The Best Products & Materials

Any painter will tell you that working with the finest paints, brushes, and canvas is a pleasure. For home remodelers, there are as many different kinds of products and systems you could end up working with as there are colors in the world!

With us, they get to build with custom-manufactured Premium Products that are modern, long-lasting, versatile, and beautiful. Whether we’re talking about wet space remodeling (the bath/shower enclosure) or reimagining your entire bathroom, the finest materials are at their disposal.

Trust Our Installers On Your Next Project

Bottom Line: When you choose Eight Hour Shower, you’re choosing a project team with extensive experience from all angles: as driven craftsmen, as business owners in the industry, and as homeowners.

Reach out and Contact Us anytime to chat and see if we should schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our product experts. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!