October 20, 2022

Five Eco-Friendly Ideas To Include In Your
Indianapolis Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodels Can Be Friendly For The Environment

Not all bathroom remodels need to leave a big carbon footprint. At Eight Hour Shower, we care about the environment and being eco-friendly. We know many of our customers want to minimize their environmental impact, and we do too. 

By understanding your available options, where your products come from, and who installs them, you’re already minimizing your impact and working towards a better solution. We’re invested in being a part of your socially conscious decision and want to work with you, ensuring you get sustainable, practical, and efficient results.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, here are five eco-friendly features to keep in mind.

1. Responsibly Sourced Products

Some bathroom remodeling companies don’t care where their products come from – they only want the quickest and cheapest. However, the fastest and cheapest usually comes at the expense of the environment. Using poorly made products means having to replace them more often.

We use the finest products at Eight Hour Shower because we know they’ll last – our shower pans are 300% thicker than our competitors and won’t warp, chip, or crack. This gives you and your family years of daily use without the need to create more waste.

Their solid surface design also removes the need for added grout, keeping your bathroom clean and healthy. Additionally, Onyx is made of hydrate crystal and a special polyester resin that’s formaldehyde free so that you can keep your loved ones and the environment safe from harmful chemicals.

2. Installing Proper Water Features

Bathroom fixtures slowly start leaking over time, whether through your dripping sink faucet or spraying shower head. Over time, these minor leaky faucet issues add up, costing you higher water bills and wasting valuable natural resources.

Replacing old sink faucets and shower heads is a terrific start to moving in a more environmentally conscious direction. Look for WaterSense labels on bathroom products that ensure maximum water efficiency. WaterSense is a program with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that provides products that meet water efficiency and performance standards.

Old bathrooms usually were built with high-flowing shower heads, meaning they could have a flow rate of 5.5 gallons a minute. There has been much innovation regarding shower heads and water efficiency that help keep your bathroom eco-friendly. Some shower heads now even recycle water while you use it!

3. Replacing Old Toilets

Many eco-friendly toilet technology options are available for today’s bathroom remodels. Remodeling a bathroom allows you to replace your old, high-flush toilet with a newer low-flush option. Some counties require proof of low flush toilets when purchasing a new home.

Early versions of low-flush toilets brought many troubles, resulting in a bad reputation. However, over the years, engineers have managed to redesign and create new models resulting in more efficiency and better performance.

Today, the EPA also tests new low-flush toilets, ensuring they meet the standards of WaterSense. The resulting criteria have resulted in the formation of a national plumbing standard. 

Households waste an average of 180 gallons of water a week, mostly from overflushing. Choosing a sensible eco-friendly toilet can save you money and the planet.

4. Installing LED Lighting

Lights in bathrooms are constantly being turned on and off, often running up your power bill. With such heavy usage, standard incandescent light bulbs must be replaced more often and provide less light than needed.

LED lights use a fraction of the amount of energy as most other light bulbs and thoroughly illuminate heavy traffic areas like sinks and mirrors. They also produce less heat, keeping the generally small size of a bathroom cooler and lowering energy costs.

Some newer bathroom light fixtures come already installed with LED lighting, so the lightbulb won’t need to be replaced for years.

5. Incorporating Proper Ventilation

Many older bathrooms are not adequately ventilated, which leads to moisture build-up and excessive water vapor. All of these things can turn into mold, mildew, and water damage, of which the cleanup requires harsh chemicals harmful to you and the environment.

Though ventilation systems require energy to run, there are new eco-friendly options to choose from when planning your project. Mini-split ventilation systems don’t use ductwork but carry fresh air directly from outside, eliminating excess energy use.

Using Energy Star-approved venting systems also reduces energy usage and maximizes efficiency. New Energy Star models contain humidity sensors that only turn on when needed and conserve electricity.

We Want to Turn Your Indianapolis Bathroom
Into An Eco-Friendly Paradise

Remodeling your bathroom gives you the perfect opportunity to not only make it beautiful and more functional but permits you the chance to upgrade your whole bathroom to be environmentally friendly. This not only works to save the planet but saves you money in water and electricity bills, all while keeping you healthy and comfortable. 

At Eight Hour Shower, we take the environment and our impact on it seriously, and we’re excited you do too! We cut down on wasted money and by-products by developing an energy and time-efficient bathroom remodeling process.

Whether you live in Indianapolis, St. Louis, or surrounding areas, we want to help you achieve your eco-friendly goals. Contact us today for a free estimate!