December 2, 2022

Explore Why We Put Such Extra Emphasis On
Communication With Full Bathroom Remodels

Why We Believe No-Nonsense, Crystal-Clear
Communication Is NON-NEGOTIABLE

Truth be told, full bathroom remodels are complicated projects. There’s so much involved! And while a small portion of our customers have done homework before initially meeting with us, most need professional help choosing specifics each step of the way.

At Eight Hour Shower, no-nonsense, Crystal-Clear Communication is non-negotiable. We won’t get involved in a full bathroom remodel unless we have enough time to sit down with you, understand your needs, and get all the details ironed out.

  • Have you considered what direction you want the LVP planks to lay? The direction you choose will have a profound impact on the overall presentation of the space.
  • Have you considered how much overhang you want on the vanity countertops? Are we talking about a half-inch? Perhaps you’d like to extend them to a wall?
  • Have you considered the impacts of upgrades like bathroom fans, an electric heater, or radiant-heated floors? Everything in the room should work together.

An Easy Example: Shower Space Upgrade

During every initial consultation with homeowners where we start digging into their Full Bathroom Remodeling goals, we chat about upgrading the standard tub/shower unit if possible – adding a few inches to the standard 32 inches by 60 inches. You wouldn’t believe the difference it can make in a shower that typically feels tiny and cramped.

Does it make a big dent in pricing? No. It doesn’t add much work time to the project either. We bend over backward to make Premium Products and bathroom systems affordable…without sacrificing quality.

We can replace a 30-inch shower pan with a 34-inch pan, move soap/shampoo storage to corners, and add subtle design elements to make you feel like you’re showering in the Taj Mahal.

Let’s take a peek at an easy example. At first glance, it might seem like the space always looked that way. It was always that functional! Right? No, not at all. We spent some time with those homeowners getting to know their needs and designing a hyper-functional space that matched the rest of their home’s aesthetic.


We’re Focused On You – Because This Work Is Personal

As you know, bathrooms aren’t just for show. They’re among the most used spaces in any home. We keep ourselves clean in there. We relax in there. We change in there. We do our morning and evening routines there. It’s a very personal space.

Most of the folks who come to us are dealing with typical, standard, cookie-cutter, and outdated bathrooms that look like they came off an assembly line. When we sit down with you, we listen… carefully. Proper planning and preparation are essential.

If you agree communication is key, then reach out and Contact Us. Let’s get a conversation started! Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to talking with you soon.