June 9, 2022

8 Ideas to Make Your Guest Bathroom Stand
Out From The Rest In Indianapolis

Is Your Guest Bathroom Dull And Boring?
Try These Ideas To Make It Pop

Having a guest bathroom in your Indianapolis home means you have the opportunity to spread your creativity across another canvas. Just because you don’t use this space as often doesn’t mean it has to be drab. You can make it just as relaxing and luxurious as your main bathroom to wow your guests.

Eight Hour Shower has 8 great guest bathroom ideas to make your space amazing.

1. Use Color Wisely

To make a statement, you can keep the bottom half of the wall a solid color and add a pattern to the top half. You can do this throughout the entire bathroom or just in one section where you want to draw the eye.

Black and white is a color combination that never gets old. You can mix in black lighting, hardware, and trim to create the contrast that will add depth to your bathroom’s overall appearance.

You can also use contrasting patterns with a great example being herringbone tiles with floral wallpaper.

Consider painting the bathroom all one solid color then painting the vanity another color. This will create a pop effect that really draws the eye.

Decorative wallpaper is another option. Floral wallpaper, for instance, is calming and relaxing while making the room more enjoyable for its inhabitants.

Pick a bold flooring. You’ll want to choose something that will really stand out against the walls and fixtures.

2. Choose The Right Accents

By selecting one wall and turning it into an art gallery, you can change the entire mood of your guest room.

You can also opt for gold accents to add a touch of elegance to your space, a non-intrusive change that can impact the overall design.

Using the right number of mirrors will create a sense of balance. If you have a double vanity, make sure you use two mirrors to keep the symmetry.

Place the makeup vanity in an unused corner. This will free up necessary space and give your guests that special place to get ready in the morning.

Feature a distinctive lighting fixture as the centerpiece of the room to dramatize the room.

3. Add Touches Of Comfort

If your bathroom is large enough, consider adding a seating area for the ultimate relaxation experience. You can section off the bathroom into two areas, one for resting and the other for everything else.

Adding plants is another way to add comfort to your guest bathroom. Plants breathe air into a space and also brighten it up. So if you want to give life to your room, be sure to bring in some greenery.

4. Get As Much Natural Light As Possible

If you have a window in your guest bathroom, you’ll want to capitalize on its natural light. Avoid using thick drapes or curtains that will block out natural light. You’ll want a nice, light, and airy window covering to filter in as much of the sun as possible.

No window? Use airy details in the bathroom to evoke a sense of sunshine. You’ll have to create your own light effects.

5. Splurge On Nice Towels And Robes

Nice towels add a certain level of sophistication to any bathroom. You’ll be offering your guests a spa-like experience with hotel-grade towels. For an added bonus, provide them with a luxurious bathrobe, completing the setup.

6. Provide Storage For Your Guests

If your guests are staying over, they’ll need somewhere to store their things, just like at a hotel. Make sure you provide an area in your guest bathroom for them to place their belongings so they’re out of the way. Offer cabinet space, a jewelry hanger, and a storage hanger on the back of the door.

7. Remove All Signs Of Clutter

To make your guest bathroom something special, you’ll need to remove all signs of clutter. If you use this bathroom daily to alleviate some of the stress off the main bathroom, make sure everything has a home.
Nothing is more uncomfortable for a guest than having to work around your mess. Not to mention, it’s just ugly.

8. Stock The Little Things They Might Have Forgotten

You can always provide small things for your guests that they might have forgotten to pack like cosmetics, toiletries, and hygiene products. Keeping these items stocked in the bathroom will add a nice touch and really make your guests feel welcome.

It’s also a good idea to keep high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and body wash available for your guests to use as most people do not travel with these items.

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