October 17, 2022

5 Ways Bath Automation Enhances Your
Indianapolis Bathroom Remodel

Upgrade Your Bathroom To The 21st Century
With Automated Features

A full bathroom remodel, or even just a bathtub remodel, is the perfect time to think about automation in your Indianapolis home. Automation brings technology and smart home features into your bathroom – a room you most likely spend a lot of time in each day. 

When remodeling a bathroom, many homeowners think about the basics, like layout, shower or tub replacement, flooring, and lighting, but many forget about the significant advantages modern technology can bring to the room. Why not make the bathroom as user-friendly and as comfortable as possible?

Here are five ways bath automation will enhance your bathroom remodel.

1. Saves You Money From Day One

Some bathroom remodeling features take a while to show savings in water and energy bills. However, you’ll almost immediately start seeing lower bills with bath automation. With better water temperature regulation, you won’t need to worry about wasted water heat and timely water adjustments.

Getting the proper water temperature adjusted quickly makes for more stability in your energy bills. Easily controlling water temperature will also help keep the overall temperature of your bathroom under control, lessening the need for heated floors and other energy expenditures.

It’s also easy to see when you use optimal energy efficiency after installing bath automation. Reminders and recommendations can help you see the most savings in future bills.

2. Provides Maximum Convenience And Comfort

There’s no need to sit and wait for a bathtub to fill up or constantly check the water temperature until it’s just right. Bath automation allows you to turn on your faucets remotely without having to go into the bathroom to do it manually.

Preprogrammed settings let you know exactly what temperature your water will be by personalizing your settings for taste and preference. This saves you the hassle of constantly adjusting the water temperature to your liking.

With bath automation, you know what you’ll get when you want it. Wasting time to draw a bath is a thing of the past when you can simply click an option on your smartphone to prepare it perfectly in advance.

3. Increases Return On Investment Of Your Indianapolis Home

Bath automation not only enhances your experience while you still live in your home, but it also proves to have a high Return on Investment (ROI) rate. Bathroom remodels are notorious for being an excellent investment, and automation increases that return even more.

Smart home technology is the way of the future, and installing bath automation now gets you ahead of the curve. Homes with bath automation are a huge draw to potential homeowners, as it eliminates one more thing they’ll need to add after moving in.

An automated bath appeals to home buyers by promising energy efficiency, personal comfort, and convenience.

4. Provides A Complete Spa Experience

Besides the ordinary conveniences of pre-programmed temperatures and water settings, bath automation allows the possibility of creating your own personal spa experience. Why stop at the basics when bath automation can give you the complete, royal treatment?

Heated shower floor tiles and bathtub heating ensures you will never get a chill when enjoying your luxurious bath experience. Automated lighting also creates a calm and relaxing bath experience, as well as full control over bath television settings.

Bath automation also makes it easy to control other Bluetooth devices, so you can carry on a phone conversation if needed while bathing or listen to your favorite podcast or playlist. With easy controls from your automated bath, you won’t have to move a muscle.

5. Is Environmentally Friendly And Decreases Carbon Footprint

It’s next to impossible to ignore signs of climate change these days. The waste and energy needed for a bathroom remodel in general might turn some people off to the idea altogether, but including bath automation in your bath remodel can be better for the environment in the long run.

Because it’s so easy to regulate water temperature and volume with bath automation, you’ll save money on energy bills – and the environment will thank you for it. Better regulation makes for a smaller carbon footprint and a happier planet.

Smart bath faucets greatly reduce water waste, and although some people think it’s more wasteful to take a bath, every shower session can waste up to 17 gallons of water. Smart faucets can now also use voice control to control water flow, making it easier to regulate its functioning.

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