January 18, 2022

How Our Company Cruise Makes Us Better At What We Do

The Cruise That Outranks Any Training Seminar

We have an annual company cruise for all of our employees. At first, we viewed the cruise as a way for us to relax together and enjoy a well-deserved break. But then we began to notice what it was doing to the culture and morale of our company.

What started out as a fun way to destress and blow off steam turned into a bonding event that built-up our employees more than any training seminar ever could. It also gave our installers an added incentive to push themselves hard and do the best installation job possible.

And of course, it’s an awesome mood booster.

Bonding 101

Forget cozy campfires and group therapy sessions…real bonding happens on a week-long cruise.

The moments we share on our annual cruise lead to friendships. Those friendships lead to feelings of accountability, unity, and responsibility for one another.

When we work as a single unit — every member of the unit works harder and smarter. Every one of us knows that if one of us messes up, the team will feel it — and none of us wants that to happen. We care about each other…and that makes us care about our customers and their homes.

When new employees join us, we might start our cruise as very separate people with different goals, but we emerge as a single unit with a shared purpose.

A Kicker Incentive

Our employees know that if you work hard, you get to play hard.

We’re all human, and humans need to be motivated. No matter how hard working we are, we’ll be even more hard working with a tantalizing reward for a job well done…like an all expense-paid week-long cruise.

Happy At Home, Happy At Work

If an employee is happy at home, that will spill over to his work. And the opposite is also true. That’s exactly why we look at the whole person — not just the part of the employee that comes into work.

Aside from making sure our employees are happy at work, we make sure they’re happy when they’re off from work. While many employers might balk at giving their new employees week-long vacations, we welcome it. Because we know that a relaxed and happy employee will be able to be fully invested.

And that’s in addition to our January cruise!

We Give You Our ALL

Because we’re all tanked up on relaxation we’re able to devote 100% of our mental, physical, and emotional energy to your remodeling project. Do you want your shower installed by a team of experts who’ll give it their ALL? Call Eight Hour Shower.

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