July 13, 2022

How We Deal With Hiccups Is What Sets Us
Apart From Other Bathroom Remodelers

We Keep Indianapolis Homeowners Informed
Every Step Of The Way…Period!

It’s impossible to plan for every curveball life throws at us, as much as we’d love to do so. Home remodeling projects are no different, and unforeseen hiccups happen all the time.

They’re commonplace.

We’ve seen it all… missed timelines, product delays, unresponsive contractors, accidents and ‘oopsies’ in general, supply chain disruptions, manufacturing mixups, weather….you name it. As your contractor, and with so much experience under our belts, we’ll do everything possible to ensure your project is smooth as butter, but we can’t control some factors.

Do you know what we can control? The way we communicate these problems to you. We understand it can be highly frustrating when your bathroom remodeling project starts to feel unsteady. Well, it’s even MORE frustrating when contractors leave you in the dark.

We won’t do that.

We’re committed to Crystal-Clear Communication. It’s among our most important core values as a company. Collaborating with you is the backbone of a successful bathroom remodeling experience — despite any hiccups.

This Year’s Been Complicated For Everyone

We’ve spent quite a few years fine-tuning our processes to provide genuinely remarkable bathroom remodels for our customers (Read more about Our Company History). And while we’re as prudent and step-by-step as you’d expect from seasoned professionals, things go haywire from time to time.

Example: This year dished out unique setbacks, but the biggest by far involves supply chains. Almost every major industry worldwide succumbed to disruptions in one way or another, and the bathroom remodeling space wasn’t spared.

Not only did we see certain products and materials become more expensive, but harder to track down. Generally speaking, the hiccups our Full Bathroom Remodeling Projects encountered in 2022 involved missed shipping dates, unresponsive suppliers, and other supply chain headaches.

Here’s a quick story of one particular project to help illustrate.

How We Dealt With Delayed Bathroom Trim

Here’s the scoop.

We consulted with a local Indianapolis homeowner interested in a bathroom remodel to see exactly what they envisioned. As expected, they wanted to remove and replace every significant part of the space, including the shower, vanity, and flooring.

Because we specialize in all aspects of bathroom remodels, this was well within our wheelhouse. We quickly ordered materials, ripped out the old stuff, and installed their fancy new features and accessories.

Early on in this remodel, however… we began to get quite worried.

Here’s why – the layout of their bathroom required four separate pieces of trim, and our supplier only shipped us one section!

Since the trim is one of the last things to be installed, we knew there was time for the remaining pieces to arrive — but we never like to leave anything to chance. So, we immediately updated the homeowner about the supply chain issues and put together a game plan.

While waiting for the trim, our team finished every other aspect of the bathroom remodel. Then, once the remaining trim arrived ten days later, we went back to finish the installation and ensure the homeowner was delighted (Learn more about our Expert Installations).

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The Eight Hour Shower Difference

A ten-day wait? Ouch…sure, this doesn’t sound like the “ideal” bathroom remodeling experience, but we bend over backward to ensure outstanding results. No matter what pops up! When you choose Eight Hour Shower for your bathroom remodel, you’re assigned a dedicated Project Manager and crew that works with you one on one throughout the entire process.

Have questions or concerns? We’ll always pick up the phone.

You won’t need to explain your situation repeatedly either because we’ll have a detailed profile and plenty of rapport with you. We avoid surprises by providing constant communication – no hiding anything under the rug, cutting corners, pointing fingers, or making baseless excuses.

Hiccups are going to happen during remodeling projects. Still, how we deal with them solidifies our place as a trusted go-to bathroom remodeling company for the Indianapolis, St. Louis, Knoxville, and Grand Rapids areas.

You’ll know the status of your project every step of the way, any time of the day, from basic progress updates and shipping details, to so much more.

Remodel With A Company That Truly Cares
We Are Here To Help!

Your home is a major part of your life, not to mention a huge investment, and you can’t trust just anyone with it! You deserve a contractor who truly cares about you and your home.

Because we’ve been in your shoes, we’re empathetic to the frustrations of the remodeling process and aim to give you a stress-free experience. Have questions? Interested? Curious? Reach out to us today. We’re happy to listen, fill you in, and get you scheduled for your Free No-Pressure Consultation!