February 9, 2023

How We Manage Communication During Full Bathroom Remodeling Projects

A Closer Look At An Experienced, Personable Approach

If you were to spend, say, the next three days reading reviews of local Indianapolis bathroom remodelers, everything would become repetitive after about the first few hundred…

What you’d notice is that aside from results and pricing, homeowner satisfaction depends on one core thing: clear communication.

  • Being so unsure about the entire investment and design choices, folks appreciate genuine professional insight that LISTENS to them and accommodates their needs.
  • Full bathroom remodeling projects may seem a little hectic to inexperienced families. So contractors who keep them in the loop every step of the way help to ease stress/anxiety.
  • Throughout the project, questions/concerns come up. When they do, having experts to turn to makes the process feel more secure.

That said, let’s talk a bit about what you can expect when choosing Eight Hour Shower. 

Phase #1: Introductions, Design, And Scheduling

Here’s the problem with your average bathroom remodeling contractor in the Indianapolis area – it’s hit or miss whether you get their A Team. This is why a contractor can have a balance of 5-star and 1-star reviews. Their talented core team is exceptional, while the B, C, and D teams (often subcontractors) are less experienced and don’t care as much.

We ensure everyone you work with is schooled in our approach, knows our process, aligns with our core values, understands our standards, and is properly vetted, experienced, and talented.

  • Introductions will be friendly and professional.
  • Design will be informative and accommodating.
  • Scheduling will be as convenient as humanly possible.

Phase #2: Demo & Installation

There’s no magic or mystery to bathroom remodeling, just complexity. Each choice you make sets in motion a specific set of events to ensure everything in the space works well, both functionally and aesthetically.

What sets long-lasting, quality bathroom transformations apart from the mediocre? It comes down to attention to detail, experience, and customer service (let’s call it the personability factor). Because as you know, a contractor can be insanely gifted when it comes to the craft but horrible with people! It happens.

Here’s what you can expect from us during your full bathroom remodel:

  • We communicate openly/proactively using phone, email, and texting, which is becoming more and more the preferred medium for quick updates, scheduling matters, etc.
  • You will always deal with the same people. You won’t need to worry about talking to someone unfamiliar with you and your project, or having to repeat yourself.
  • We don’t just keep you inside the loop, but we also make you a part of it. As things come up and progress, you know what’s happening, when and why, each step of the way.

Phase #3: Follow-Through & Follow-Up

In many ways, hitting “Mission Complete” status is only the beginning. Over the following couple years, you get to find out how good of a job the contractor and their team did.

  • How’s the tile holding up?
  • Any leaks or plumbing issues?
  • How’s the new bath or shower system performing?
  • Are any of the below-the-surface materials they chose beginning to wear and tear?
  • Are cut corners starting to show themselves?
  • Are you discovering mistakes that were hastily covered up to keep the project on time?

While even the best-of-the-absolute-best contractors in the world expect to hear about one or two things that need a tweak, what matters for you is how well your contractor follows through and follows up.

We’re going to do as many inspections and walk-throughs as it takes to be as sure as possible your new bathroom is at 100% upon completion. Then, as years pass, you can contact us anytime, and we’re going to listen and respond quickly.

Bottom Line: Few Contractors Care About Communication As Much As We Do

The good news is we’re focused on both sides of the communication coin. On the one side, we’ve got a tight-knit, rock-solid team that collaborates like a well-oiled machine. On the other, we LOVE our customers! Getting to know people and becoming a part of their family’s life-story is our privilege.

Don’t settle for less. If you’re considering a top-to-bottom overhaul of your Indianapolis home’s bathroom, we hope to hear from you! Thanks for your time today.