December 6, 2022

How We Successfully Manage Thousands Of
Jobs & Locations In 4 States

It’s Not Easy, But Our Formula Ensures Top-Shelf
Bathroom Remodels Every Time

Remodeling one single bathroom is no small feat. So when people hear that we remodel hundreds if not thousands of bathrooms each year across four different states, they can hardly believe it!

We pride ourselves on being the biggest small business in the world of bathroom remodeling in each of the four states we work in.

Unlike other remodeling companies that grow faster than their workmanship (causing quality to fall), we understand the importance of perfecting our craft in one location before spreading our wings.

And the trick to all of it is pretty simple — we use the same formula we started with!

Sticking To Our Core Values Every Step Of The Way

At the very beginning of Eight Hour Shower’s journey, we understood the importance of developing solid core values to adhere to with every project. We wanted to become successful, but not at the cost of sacrificing the characteristics we value most, not only as a company but as people.

Before hiring new employees into the Eight Hour Shower family, we thoroughly vet them to ensure they align with our core values. We look for people who display integrity, compassion, and respect to provide our customers with an enjoyable remodeling experience.

When we start a full bathroom remodel, we understand the stress it can bring to the homeowner, so we do everything in our power to minimize it. By sticking to our core values, we can guarantee stellar results 100% of the time, backed by unbeatable warranties.

Communication, Communication, Communication

If you think about all the critical relationships in your life, you can bet communication is a big part of their success. And when it comes to remodeling your home, proper communication is vital in reducing risks and improving the overall experience.

Many remodeling projects can cost a pretty penny, and the last thing you need is for the contractor you hired to stop responding to your texts or calls. Since we currently have locations in Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Michigan, it takes effective communication to run on all cylinders.

We ensure we’re available, accessible, and ready to answer any questions or concerns homeowners have, or we’ll hop in the company van and drive out to solve problems directly. Incoming phone calls rarely go to our voicemail; if they do, we call back ASAP.

Once we’re in full swing and your project is moving, you’re never going to be left in the dark. You’ll never find yourself scratching your head, wondering about the status of your remodel.

Answers when YOU need them!

Locally Trained Pros For Uniformly Perfect Installs

As soon as we open a new Eight Hour Shower location and expand our service area, we start sourcing local talent to join our ranks. It’s imperative we get local experts who know their communities, not bring in outside employees working in multiple states throughout the month.

Then, we begin training them on best practices and installation techniques to match the level of quality we demand. A bathtub we install in St. Louis will look and function exactly as one we install in Knoxville — it’s the Eight Hour Shower guarantee.

But training doesn’t stop once new hires are onboarded. Just the opposite! Each employee must attend multiple training seminars and countless hands-on product demonstrations throughout the year to ensure every single crew member is always on the same page.

Our director of operations visits every location to ensure our processes are consistent throughout. And that’s how we do it!

Stunning & Functional Bathroom Remodels
Coming To A City Near You!

Wondering if we provide services in your area! Go ahead and give us a call. Our friendly staff is happy to answer questions, to fill you in, and to give you the initial time you need. They can also introduce you to our affordable financing options for qualifying customers to help reduce stress to a minimum.

To get started on your new and improved bathroom, call Eight Hour Shower at (616) 333-5335 for a free consultation.