November 4, 2022

Remodeling Bathrooms Is Hard Work,
So Why Did We Start Doing It?

Trust Us – It Wasn’t For The Fame & Fortune!

Let’s go back in time and chat about the beginnings of the Eight Hour Shower story. Before we became known as Eight Hour Shower, we focused all our time on kitchen remodels. From simple upgrades to comprehensive transformations, we provided top-to-bottom service.

Then, thanks to the quality of our work, we soon realized our company was growing larger than the need for kitchen remodels in the local area. This made us pull up our sleeves and go back to the drawing board.

We learned two key things though very early on:

  1. Few bathroom remodeling companies at the time offered services other than bathtub and shower replacements.
  2. The bathroom products being offered back then were terrible, only lasting a few years at best. We knew with our experience, an abundance of high-quality products, and passion for remodeling, we could make lasting changes for homeowners instead of slapping bandages over issues.

Our First Attempt Solidified Our Quality Standards

So, we committed ourselves to full bathroom remodeling; now what? The first step was building a relationship with a reputable distributor for the caliber of products we envisioned for Indiana homes.

We knew we wanted to offer much more than standard cookie-cutter shower and Bathtub Replacements, but unfortunately this made finding a manufacturer more complicated.

Fast forward a bit, and, it happened! Or… so we thought.

As it turned out, the products and installment procedures sounded incredible on paper, and made sense but failed to live up to the manufacturers hype, in practice.

The results definitely weren’t up to our standards, so despite investing in this specific product manufacturer, we were bit in the end and had to drop them.

Then our search for long-lasting, high-performance materials went into high gear.

How We Handled The Situation

Our first vendor was high-hype/low-performance. Their pull was that they made it easy to get up and running. However, in the end, all we got of value was a glimpse into how their part of the industry works.

As a homeowner, you want to avoid these vendors. First and foremost, because they may not be around in a couple years!

For example, what if you have a shower base installed with a new “cutting-edge” cardboard and resin design that’s supposed to add rigidity. It sounds nice initially, but the manufacturer goes out of business within a year… just as the shower base begins to fail?

Since the manufacturer no longer exists, any Product Warranty you got at the time will be useless.

When you work with Eight Hour Shower, you’re not only choosing us but the manufacturers and providers we align our brand with. And you can rest assured we’ve done our homework!

We Never Stop Searching For Top-Of-The-Line Products

We kept our ear on the tracks and finally found the manufacturer we offer today. In fact, we believe in our product line so much the founder of Eight Hour Shower uses them in his home.

As professionals, we’re always searching high and low for the Best Bathroom Remodeling Products that genuinely live up to manufacturer/industry hype. Before investing our time and money in a company that claims to have the best, we put it to the test.