June 16, 2022

5 Tips For Indianapolis Homeowners To Make
A Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Making Your Small Space Seem Larger May Be
Easier Than You Think

Is your Indianapolis home’s small bathroom getting you down? Are you feeling cramped when getting ready in the morning? There are a lot of great tricks you can do to maximize your small space and make it appear larger. Follow these 5 tips to make the most of your small bathroom.

1. Come Up With A Great Layout

This tip can come with some extra work as you will need a remodel to accomplish moving fixtures around in the bathroom. Consider all the layout ideas you are interested in to make sure that you pick the one you are going to love for many years to come. You’ll want to design your bathroom so it has as much space as possible to avoid having to alter it at a later date.

2. Be Selective When You Choose Your Materials And Fixtures

When opting for a remodel, you’ll have the opportunity to select all new materials for your bathroom. This can be an exciting and refreshing experience as you discard your outdated fixtures.

One way you can really make your bathroom seem bigger is by using reflective materials that will bounce light around the room to make it seem bigger and brighter. These materials include marble, glass, mirror, and metallic finishes. Bouncing the light around the room will make it brighter and seem bigger.

Consider replacing the shower door with bright, shiny glass. Glass doors will allow the whole space to be seen, giving the illusion of a larger bathroom. Not to mention, who doesn’t want to get rid of that shower curtain that insists on sticking to you?

When you’re getting your bathroom remodeled, whether you opted to redo the entire room or just the bathtub, select curves instead of corners. Having a curved tub or other fixtures will free up space by literally cutting the corners.

Additionally, tubs for small spaces are an option. If you love the idea of a tub, consider a smaller version.

When picking out your new cabinets, don’t be afraid to be bold and choose mirrored furniture. This will immediately give the illusion of more space while reflecting the light back into the room. In combination with the mirror on the wall, this will really bring out the space in your bathroom.

If you’re just not into the whole mirrored scene, you can opt for light-colored furniture. These, too, will brighten up the space, without the reflective properties.

You’ll want to keep your lighter colors up high and your darker colors down by the floor. This way, the light will be dispersed around the room and not just absorbed by the dark color. The contrast between the walls and floor will also aid in opening up the room.

3. Opt For Great Storage Solutions

The number one thing that can make a bathroom seem smaller than it is is clutter. If you don’t have enough storage options for everything, it can really make things seem tight. If you’re getting a remodel, this is the perfect time to add storage space that really fits with the overall layout of the bathroom.

If you’re not remodeling your bathroom, there are still many great storage solutions available. Rolling carts are an option as well as shelves being installed on the wall. Once everything has a place to go, your bathroom will feel a lot bigger.

4. Choose Decorations Wisely

Mirrors are great because they do two things for your bathroom. First, they give the illusion of having more space. Second, they reflect light back into the room. Consider a frameless mirror for optimal results. Additionally, you’ll want to find a mirror with a tarnish-resistant coating that will protect it from the moist conditions of your bathroom.

Having too many decorations will suffocate your bathroom, making it feel even smaller. So, instead of opting for multiple of the same decoration, use one of each. This will prevent a cluttered feeling and free up valuable space.

5. Optimize Lighting

If you have a window in the bathroom, make sure it’s clean, isn’t blocked by window treatments, and has a functioning blind. If you don’t have a window, consider adding one during your bathroom remodel.

Light fixtures with white shades will brighten up the space, making it feel and look bigger. The white shades will allow more light to filter into the room and bounce off the fixtures, walls, and furniture.

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