December 13, 2022

Meet The Founder, Owner, & Lead Quality
Assurance Manager For Eight Hour Shower

Greg Is A Massive Part Of What Makes Our
Bathroom Remodeling Process So Effective

When it comes to the world of bathroom remodeling, there’s always a great “mastermind” behind the scenes running every successful company. Here at Eight Hour Shower, that’s our founder, Greg.

He continues his role today as the general manager, but that’s not all Greg does.

  • He’s solely responsible for ordering the correct materials for every single remodeling project, no matter what.
  • Then, once the products/materials arrive at our warehouse, Greg ensures they’re the proper size and dimensions before a crew attempts to install them in your home.
  • While Greg doesn’t get to interact with homeowners as much as he’d like, he’s an integral part of each stunning new bathroom.

Greg knows his team of experienced professionals can handle the day-to-day installation and customer service, but he still goes out of his way to ensure every remodeling project goes off without a hitch.

Greg has had the same position within the company since Day 1, but how did he get to where he is today?

From Slinging Sandwiches To Installing Bathtubs…
Greg Has A Knack For Success

Before Greg founded Eight Hour Shower, he was a very successful franchise owner of a popular sandwich chain — Subway!

Wait, what do sandwiches have in common with remodeling bathrooms?

The answer: a lot! But not in the way you might expect.

Greg became a wizard at successfully managing businesses and was running six separate locations simultaneously across a vast distance. He knows how to motivate crews and regulate quality. Combining his organizational skills with his instinct for finding the perfect people for the job at hand allowed Greg to rise to the top of the ladder and take on a general manager role from the get-go.

So, when Greg decided to move on from running Subways, he was more than qualified to take on the balancing act of orchestrating a remodeling team.

Making The Switch To Home Remodeling

The most frequent question Greg is asked when telling his story is,

“If you were so successful with Subway, why did you leave?”

This is understandable, considering that starting and running a bathroom remodeling company from scratch is undeniably more work than running sandwich shops. But Greg felt deep inside himself that it was time for a fresh start.

Many of us can attest that when looking for a change, we often fall back on the aspects of our lives that are the most familiar to show us where we want to go. Unhappy and ready to begin fresh, Greg started to brainstorm what his ideal job would be.

He has always loved real estate and the processes behind improving and optimizing homes. Above all, Greg knew he wanted to genuinely help people, and he knew he could be a shining star in a somewhat jaded industry brimming over with average (often shoddy) contractors.

From Rocky Beginnings To Thriving Locations

Greg used his talent for finding reliable craftsmen and quickly built a solid crew of remodeling professionals. But the trial and error of finding which products were worth homeowners’ money initially made finding our footing a little rough.

We knew if we wanted to be the best at what we were doing, we needed to set our sights on one form of home remodeling, not all of them. After locking in the vision of becoming premier bathroom remodeling experts, the rest started to fall into place.

Now, all that was left was to find a trustworthy supplier to maintain the level of quality we needed. That’s how we found Onyx! We’d never seen the attention to detail in the bathroom remodeling space they provide in their products, and they quickly became our go-to source for materials.

Many years later, Greg is still the acting general manager, overseeing our bathroom remodeling projects and teams to provide truly stunning results. With locations in multiple states, we’re growing, thriving, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Call Greg To Get Started On Your New Bathroom Today!

If your home is ready for an upgrade, Greg can help make that happen! Whether you’re looking to swap out your old bathtub for a brand-new shower or to make a few cosmetic changes, we offer a helping hand. Give our experts at Eight Hour Shower a call at (616) 333-5335 to schedule your free consultation; we look forward to hearing from you!