July 27, 2022

Instead Of Playing The “Blame Game”
We Tackle Adversities Head On

Looking After Customers Is Our Top Priority…
NEVER An Afterthought

Any time you have part of your home remodeled, you run the risk of uncovering damages or weak points requiring immediate attention.

This is typically not something homeowners want to deal with, but it happens… all the time.

What might seem like a simple bathroom remodel can turn into a scene of chaos and confusion in the blink of an eye!

And while other remodeling companies will simply ignore these additional concerns without informing homeowners, we take a dynamically different approach.

Example: What Happened To An Indianapolis Customer

One of our favorite stories outlining how far we’re willing to go to satisfy customers involves a sweet elderly couple from Indianapolis. They wanted a Full Bathroom Remodel to give the space a more modern look. Their house was built in the 1980s, so you can imagine quite a few things needed replacing.

Initially, the bathroom remodel went off without a hitch! Homer and Marge were absolutely ecstatic about the results… that is… until something unexpected started to happen a few weeks later.

They were eating dinner in their dining room one evening when suddenly they noticed a wet spot on the ceiling. Their newly remodeled master bathroom is directly above, so they immediately assumed the wet stain was a result of our handiwork.

It’s safe to say Homer and Marge weren’t too happy about the ordeal — after all, bathroom remodels aren’t known to be cheap, and neither is water damage repair!

We Were Instantly On The Case

This Indianapolis couple immediately reached out to give us an update on what they saw. Needless to say, we were eager to listen and see what was going on. We take pride in our Expert Detail-Oriented Installations and techniques, so we were just as surprised by the leak as they were!

We rounded up the troops and headed over there to avoid additional damage to their home.

After checking out the area and examining our work, we were stumped as to why the water stain appeared at all. At that point, the only thing left to do was open up the ceiling to see where the water was coming from once and for all.

What we found deep in the ceiling was somehow both surprising and expected!

It turned out the original contractor who built their home improperly installed the drain pipe for the shower. In fact, they didn’t even bother using glue or PVC cement to ensure a proper seal. Unfortunately, we see this type of unprofessional laziness in many of our bathroom remodels.

This is why we advise homeowners to ask potential bathroom remodelers these 14 Important Questions before signing any dotted lines!

The surprising part was how Homer and Marge lived in this house for 40+ years without a leak.

When we were redoing the shower drain, the commotion during the installation must’ve been enough to jiggle the drain pipe joint off its track, thus, resulting in a leaky pipe and stained ceiling. While a leak would inevitably have occurred no matter what, their remodel expedited the process.

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Results: How We Handled The Situation

We couldn’t leave Homer and Marge’s home like that. No way. So we quickly began taking all the necessary steps to remediate the situation and give them the bathroom they deserved.

  • We began by repairing the damaged section of the shower drain and joints beneath the shower, topped off with the best PVC cement to provide an indestructible seal (this is why at Eight Hour Shower, we ONLY use Premium Products).
  • Then, we fixed the damage caused to the ceiling during our inspection and repairs.
  • Finally, we brought in our magician painter, who perfectly matched the color and texture of the existing ceiling with the new section.

This made it so Homer and Marge couldn’t tell there was ever a problem in the first place!

Even If We Didn’t Cause The Problem –
In Most Cases, We’ll Still Fix It Free Of Charge!

You read that right… even though Homer and Marge’s leaky pipe and stained ceiling weren’t directly caused by us, we still felt it was our Hoosier duty to look after our neighbors.

We didn’t charge them a penny more than their original bathroom remodeling cost. It just wouldn’t have been right. Not only did we save their home from additional water damage and costly repairs, we also solidified ourselves as caring, responsible, and honest professionals!

Truth is, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our employees doing the right thing — and the homeowners who trust us to get these remodels done RIGHT.

Fixing Other Contractor Mistakes Is Just One
Way We Demonstrate Our Dedication

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom — choose a local home contractor who is truly dedicated to their craft. We strive to provide immaculate and functional bathroom remodels, no matter what.

Give us a call at (616) 333-5335 to schedule your Free Consultation and see how we can change your life today.