January 18, 2022

Out Of Over 350 Shower Manufacturers In The US, We Chose Onyx

…And We’ll Tell You Why

Big decisions are usually never easy… But this one was a piece of cake.

There’s no shortage of shower and bath systems out there. Some are more durable. Some are easier to clean. Some are mold resistant. Some are beautiful. Rarely do you find a product that checks every single box.

But that’s exactly what Onyx does.

Onyx is not only incredibly durable. It’s also easy to clean. And mold resistant. And stunning. It’s absolutely everything you need when you’re looking for the perfect shower.

You Spend A Lot Of Your Lifetime Staring At Your Shower Walls…They Should Look Nice

Every homeowner wants their kitchen to look nice, and the dining and living area of course…but what about the shower?

Showering and bathing is part of life. There’s no way around that! If you think about the amount of time you actually spend in your tub or shower, staring at your shower walls — it adds up to quite a bit.

The time you spend in your tub is fully YOURS. It’s the ultimate personal space to relax and recoup. Make it count by installing a stunning shower and bath system made by Onyx.

Thickness Can’t Be Overrated

Onyx is 400% thicker than the average shower and bath system.

You might be thinking: That sure sounds impressive, but why should I care so much about thickness?

We’ll tell you why:

  • The thicker your shower and bath material, the less likely you are to encounter cracks and warping. If you drove over Onyx with a truck, it wouldn’t crack. We know, because we did it.
  • Increased thickness increases longevity. When you install a new shower or tub, you want it to last a GOOD while. Onyx has a LONG life because it can withstand normal wear and tear and abnormal wear and tear.

Mold Will Never See The Light Of Day

Showers are perfect habitats for mold. They’re warm. They’re wet. And they abound with cozy cracks and crevices.

Ever played ‘spot the mold’? It’s not a fun game. In fact, it’s downright depressing. Usually, after scrubbing off a spot of mold, you’re faced with two spots the next time you shower — and three spots the next time. The battle of the mold is always a losing one…for the human.

Make sure to combat mold growth by installing a bath and shower system that’s NOT friendly to mold.

Not only is Onyx super easy to clean, it also repels mold. With an Onyx shower or tub, you’ll NEVER have to worry about mold again.

Ready for a shower or tub that’s beautiful, never cracks, and is anti-mold? Call Eight Hour Shower

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