June 21, 2022

14 Things You Need To Ask Your Indianapolis
Bathroom Remodeling Company
Before Hiring Them

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Here’s What
You Need To Ask Before Choosing
Your Remodeling Company

So you’ve made the big decision to remodel your bathroom in Indianapolis! You probably have a lot of questions, but are they the right questions? Before you make a decision on who to hire for your bathroom remodeling company, make sure you get down to business with all the important details.

Ask these 14 questions before hiring your bathroom remodeling company.

1. When Did You Start Out In This Business?

While newcomers to the industry may have all the talent and skills that you need to accomplish your bathroom remodel, someone who’s been doing it longer is more likely to have the experience that you want. A seasoned home contractor is more likely to have an expert crew, established procedures, and an online footprint for you to investigate.

2. Do You Have Examples Of Your Work?

Seeing is believing. Getting to see some of your prospect’s previous work will let you know if they are capable of handling the job you need done. If they’re a reputable company, they’ll most likely have pictures of previous bathrooms they’ve completed and won’t have a problem showing you.

3. Do You Have Any References?

Speaking to past clients when possible is the best way to gauge a company’s experience and workmanship. You should also take the time to read reviews of the company that you are able to find online.

4. What Are Your Specialties And Do You Take On

Bathroom Remodeling Projects Of This Scope?

Your project may require more skills than your prospective contractor has to offer. For instance, some contractors only offer tub installments while you need a full remodel. It’s also beneficial to find out if they work on things like plumbing, so you can limit the number and types of contractors you need to hire.

5. Do You Use Subcontractors?

A company that uses subcontractors can be risky. If the company’s liability insurance doesn’t cover them, then you could be footing the bill for some serious expenses. Also, finding out if a home remodeling company uses subcontractors will give you an indication of how many people will be in and out of your home daily.

6. Can You Prove You Are Licensed, Bonded, And Insured?

Making sure that everyone on the project is licensed will ensure you have less of a headache even if it costs more. Being licensed means your contractor is trained to do the job you’re hiring him for. Licensing requirements vary by state, so make sure you check up on what’s required.

Bonding is necessary because it protects you if the contractor fails to pay the subcontractors or skimps out on the necessary permits.

Finally, having insurance means your home is protected in case of a catastrophic event like a burst pipe during construction. Additionally, if someone is hurt during the project, you won’t be held liable.

7. How Many Projects Do You Run At The Same Time?

Finding out the answer to this question will ensure that you have a dedicated contractor that is not going to brush you off for their other projects. At the very beginning you will need to establish how often and when they will be onsite to prevent any disputes or confusion later on.

8. Do You Offer Warranties?

You’re making a huge investment with a bathroom remodel. If something goes wrong down the line, you’ll want to be protected with a warranty. This is why it’s very important to select a contractor who offers a solid, no gimmick warranty.

9. What Permits Will I Need And Will You Get Them?

Permits are required to ensure work is up to code as well as to make sure your renovations are covered by your homeowner’s insurance. If your prospective contractor isn’t willing to get your permits for you, it could be a sign that they’re not licensed. So make sure you ask what permits are required and view them before the project starts.

10. Will You Itemize The Bid?

Asking about the range of costs for the project specific to your remodel can let you know if you’re getting a fair deal. You can compare your itemized bid to cost estimates online for each part of the project. This way, if you need to, you can make adjustments to your budget.

11. How Have You Resolved Differences With Previous Clients?

Conflicts can arise from both sides of the arrangement. If your prospective contractor blames everything on their past clients, you probably want to consider another contractor. On the other hand, if they explain how they positively handled discrepancies, then you may be on the right track.

12. Does The Contract Cover Everything?

After you have reviewed the contract, if you don’t understand it, or you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask the contractor. One of the main things you’ll need set in stone is the start and end dates. Finally, make sure you ask what’s not included to prevent any disagreements in the future.

13. What Is The Payment Schedule?

Another thing to nail down is exactly when payments are due and how much they are expected to be. This will eliminate squabbles about money and provide you with a set schedule. You’ll also want to know when the down payment is due.

14. How Will We Communicate Throughout The Project?

Having a clear line of communication with your contractor will be key to a successful project. You’ll also need to make sure the project lead is able to reach you. Ensure you know the best times and ways to contact them as well as how often you’ll receive updates.

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