January 18, 2022

The Customer’s Tone Of Voice Says It All

This Much Enthusiasm Is Impossible To Fake

We had just completed a bathroom remodeling job. It went smoothly — as usual. The customer was satisfied — also, as usual.

And then we got a message that was pretty unusual.

All the things that are important to us, things that we work HARD on — and that usually go unnoticed — were called out by this client. Loud and clear.

This client realized the three different ways that we put HER first — and she let us know that.

We Talk To YOU

We don’t drone on and on — as if we’re talking to ourselves. But we don’t speak in monosyllables either. We take our cues from YOU, and try to talk to you at YOUR speed. That’s how we’re able to convey exactly what we need to tell you, so that you can hear it.

Read more about how we communicate with YOU in mind.

We Care About YOU

Of course, we care about the remodeling job — we want it to be awesome. But first and foremost, we care about YOUR thoughts and YOUR feelings. The remodeling job can be amazing, but if something is not to YOUR liking — we failed.

Compassion is a big part of who we are, and is one of our core values. Read more about our other core values that mold how we think and act.

We Value YOU

We value you as a person. This means that we RESPECT your time, your home — and every word you have to say. It also means that we don’t treat you like just another customer. We view you as a unique individual who is giving us the opportunity to enhance your home.

Respect is one of our core values. Read more about our core values — the principles that we NEVER stray from.

Hear It Firsthand

You don’t need us to sing our own praises… Listen to the customer directly!


Do you want your shower installed by professionals who don’t EVER stray from what they value? Call Eight Hour Shower.

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