February 14, 2023

Warning: We’re Fanatics For The Details… But Here’s A Quick Explanation of Why

Many Indianapolis Homeowners Underestimate The Sheer Amount Of Finer Points Involved In Bathroom Remodeling

Honestly, we’re among the friendliest Indianapolis bathroom remodelers around…but, we can come across as a bit OBSESSED with details. In today’s article, we’d like to chat about why that is.

Let’s begin with one simple fact:

We Ask A Lot Of Questions

When you walk into a bathroom, your eyes tend to only see the major components (bath/shower enclosure, vanity, mirrors, flooring, walls, etc.), accessories, and little useful things like towels and such. Unless you’re into home construction, you don’t “see” everything that’s underneath or all the countless details involved in what you experience, from lighting and plumbing to temperature control.

So, when homeowners begin working with us, we tend to ask a lot of questions – oftentimes more than they expect!

We dig because details matter.

Here’s an example.

Let’s talk about one specific thing – a basic bypass shower door.

  • If one’s involved in your project, we need to know a few things:
  • The thickness of the glass.
  • The finish of the glass.
  • The hardware finish.
  • Which side the shower head will be on because this affects which door goes to the outside.
  • The type of top rail we’re using.
  • The type of handrail (should the door handle also act as a towel bar?).
  • And, of course, the overall height of the door.

That said, if we talk about full bathroom remodeling, there’s a lot we need to sit down to define and iron out. But in the end, you get a refreshing, updated new space:

Unnamed 1

Our Perspective: Your Dream’s In The Details

It’s common for our visions of a new space to be, well, somewhat outside the scope of what’s really within reason. Our job as professionals is to take the dream and break it down into its real individual parts, then help give you the most value possible, given your budget.

  • Can we knock down walls? Sure. And what’s nice is how conscientious we are. Using nit-picky cleanup processes and clear communication, we’ll make it orderly. 
  • Can we move elements and fixtures around for a new layout? You bet. While this will require us to reroute some plumbing, we know how to make everything work flawlessly.  
  • Can we demo your old flooring and install something new? Oh yeah. Our expert installations are well-known throughout the greater Indianapolis area. 

We can remodel the ENTIRE bathroom, but this will mean we spend (more than) enough time with you upfront to get every point picture-perfect. Proper planning is essential.

Bottom Line: Beware Of Rushed Contractors

Are we busy, and are our remodeling services in demand? Absolutely. We’re incredibly humbled and appreciative of the support we get from our Indianapolis customer family. But you won’t be able to tell how busy we are while we’re chatting or when we visit with you during your Free Initial Consultation

Because we understand that magazine-worthy, personally-fulfilling remodeling projects that go off without any serious hitched are planned, be sure to reach out and contact us if we can help you prepare your next bathroom remodeling project. We’re happy to give you all the time and answers you need to do what’s best for you and your family.