November 1, 2022

Three Big Lessons We Learned While Visiting
Manufacturer Facilities & Industry Shows

Doing Our Due Diligence Ensures A Successful
Bathroom Remodel Every Time

A big part of choosing which products we trust to offer Indiana homeowners involves driving a few hours to various manufacturer facilities and industry shows. Getting our boots on the ground floor of manufacturer facilities tells us almost everything we need to know about a company and the product line.

We get to meet hands-on with the owners of these companies and get a feel for their true intent behind offering bathroom remodeling materials. While the owner of a large company may not attend every industry show, these allow us to see how a manufacturer composes themselves in a public space.

Throughout our many outings, we’ve learned three major lessons that have aided us in providing Immaculate Bathroom Remodels for Indiana homeowners.

Lesson #1: Visiting Manufacturer Facilities Is Always Worth It

You can only learn so much about a company through its Online Reviews and word-of-mouth reputation. Before choosing any manufacturer for our products, we prefer to give these facilities an in-person visit to get as much insight into company culture and quality control as possible.

You’d be surprised how much you can learn by just showing up and asking questions!

After choosing a manufacturer that supplied poor-quality materials, we knew we had to quality-check products before making another considerable investment. Once we found out about our current supplier, we quickly scheduled a visit.
And boy, was it worth it!

Each person we came into contact with was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They did everything in their power to answer our questions or went straight to finding the right person with the answer if they didn’t have it. And not to mention, their products were excellent.

During our visit, we witnessed how they addressed customer needs without making excuses or falsely claiming that what they were asking for was impossible. The manufacturer was happy to create a solution for customers to ensure their shower system would fit in their homes. This example proved they had integrity and would do what it took to make customers happy.

And the rest is history!

Lesson #2: Don’t Believe New-Product Industry Hype

Manufacturers in the Bathroom Remodeling space try to make a name for themselves by bringing their product line to annual industry shows. These shows bring in contractors from all over the state to check out the newest and coolest products and materials.

Just because you see everyone buying or using a product doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best or even average option.

Here’s an example.

It used to be commonplace to use bathtub inserts, and we tried these for about six months before realizing they were garbage. Although we stopped offering tub inserts altogether, they stuck around at the industry shows for quite a few years before other contractors caught on.

Instead of following the industry hype around the best way to “remodel” an old bathtub, we decided to stick with the Rip-And-Replace Method. This method involves literally ripping out the old bathtub and replacing it with a brand new one, not just slapping in a new liner and calling it a day.

We quickly learned that just because a product is displayed nicely with solid advertising doesn’t make it a wise long-term investment.

Lesson #3: Great Manufacturers Stick Around, Others Don’t

While visiting manufacturer facilities and industry shows, we see how quickly low-quality/high-hype products come and go, and only the best stick around. One year we may see one vendor broadcasting they have the new hot thing, only to have them disappear the following year.

Similar to shady fly-by-night roofers, we don’t trust manufacturers who aren’t staying strong year after year and backing their products. When it’s time for us to add to our product line, we seek out financially sound manufacturers with a detailed history and proven loyalty to the area and the quality of their products.

When It Comes To Bathroom Remodels
No One Does It Quite Like Eight Hour Shower

As one of the few full-bathroom remodeling companies in Indiana, we can transform your bathroom from top to bottom. If it’s in your bathroom and you can dream it up, we can make it happen! Visiting manufacturer facilities and industry shows is just one of the ways we take a no-holds-barred approach to providing immaculate bathrooms.

If we sound like your type of company, give us a call! You can schedule your Free Consultation by calling our office at (616) 333-5335; we look forward to hearing from you.