June 1, 2022

6 Tips To Create A Calm Space
In Your Bathroom

Use These Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Give Your Bathroom
A Relaxing Atmosphere

Are you going through or did you just finish a bathroom remodel in Indianapolis? The project isn’t totally complete until the space makes you feel calm and relaxed. Making sure you have everything you need and adding some character to make it your own will put the finishing touches on this project.

Try these 6 bathroom remodel ideas to complete your bathroom project with your own personal touch.

1. Brighten The Space

If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, consider installing one during the remodel. This will add a lot of soothing light to the space. If a window is not an option, add unique lighting fixtures or reflective surfaces to make more light.

2. Make Storage Space A Priority

Not having enough storage space can really make things cramped in your bathroom, making it an uncomfortable space to be in. When planning your remodel, ensure you have enough space-saving fixtures so that everything has a place.

If your remodel is already over and you suddenly realize you don’t have enough space, don’t worry, you still have options! You can add a rolling cart for storing small items, hanging rods to hang your towels, or shelves on the wall for storage.

Once you have your new storage space set up, declutter the bathroom. Put everything in its new home, freeing up counter space and making the overall feeling of the room more relaxed.

3. Choose Cooling Colors

When selecting your color scheme, opt for cool, soothing colors. Brighter colors often increase feelings of excitement which goes against the relaxing theme you are trying to achieve. Opt for blues, grays, greens, and white for your palette.

4. Consider Upgrading Your Shower Head

One of the most relaxing things you can do is take a hot shower. But if your shower head isn’t doing you justice, it won’t be a great experience. If a new shower head didn’t come as part of your remodel, consider replacing it afterwards.

5. Keep Self-Care In Mind

The biggest function of a bathroom is providing self-care. Whether it’s a soothing soak or just a calming space to give yourself a facial, you’ll want to make sure you pick a design that benefits you and allows you to take care of yourself.

6. Add Some Accents

Once the remodel is over, add some finishing touches with a few houseplants. Indoor plants will help turn your space into a more tranquil setting.

Since everything else is fresh and new, why not spruce up your towel collection? Adding new, high-quality towels can help induce a spa-like feeling.

Including soothing scents will also make the atmosphere more calming. You can use things like essential oils, scented candles, and scented soaps and lotions to make your bathroom complete.

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