January 25, 2023

Types Of Flooring Options For Indianapolis, IN
Bathroom Remodeling

Consider New Flooring During Your Next Full
Bathroom Remodel

Whether you’re doing a full bathroom remodel or simply partially upgrading your Indianapolis, IN, bathroom, a new floor is always a good idea. Bathroom flooring endures intense daily wear and tear, and most flooring starts to deteriorate or show signs of age over years of use. The bathroom is a harsh environment, and not all flooring can withstand the elements.

Fortunately, there are a lot of new and improved flooring options to choose from for your bathroom. Innovative flooring technology has created flooring that can better withstand moisture, pressure, water, and other challenging obstacles than in the past.

Sometimes new flooring is all you need to brighten up and freshen your bathroom space, creating a clean and renewed sense of relaxation. Instead of abusing your bathroom, now is the time to make it a place of peace and comfort, starting from the floor up. Explore the best types of bathroom flooring.

Vinyl Plank Flooring (VPF)

Some Indianapolis, IN, homeowners might turn their noses when they hear the words “vinyl flooring.” However, vinyl flooring technology has come a long way since the 1970s vinyl some of us are used to. Many people even confuse laminate and vinyl or think they’re the same thing – they’re made from different materials and perform much differently.

Today’s vinyl plank flooring is solid, durable, and looks almost identical to natural wood or stone. The best part is VPF’s low-maintenance technology. It’s highly stain, mess, and water resistant, making any spill, shoe print, or mud splatter easy to wipe away.

In terms of the bathroom, most VPF is waterproof and contains layers of protection, ensuring your new floor won’t be buckling anytime soon. Vinyl is easier to clean and take care of than traditional tile, stone, or wood, making it the perfect option for bathroom floors. You won’t be scrubbing mold off VPF or peeling back layers.

VPF is also available in dozens of designs, styles, and colors, allowing you to choose the exact look to complement the rest of your bathroom. Plus, it’s much more affordable than some other flooring choices.


RevoTile (or Revolutionary Tile) is a new porcelain tile that is one of the easiest and most efficient floorings to be installed today. It can be cut, grouted, and set all within one day, allowing you to return to your daily life as soon as possible.

RevoTile is a floating floor that can be installed over many existing floors, making it a viable and perfect solution for many households. The real porcelain is available in ultra-realistic wood, stone, marble, and concrete looks, giving you plenty of ways to personalize your bathroom.

Like VPF, RevoTile is low-maintenance, scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, and stainproof, making it ideal for bathroom flooring. Plus, it’s easy to remove, making it an excellent choice for renters or for those who prefer to change out their interior design looks frequently. It’s easy to switch between marble, wood, or concrete looks, giving you personalized style.

Porcelain Or Ceramic Tile

Tile is probably the most traditional bathroom flooring option, and it’s this way for a reason. It’s waterproof, available in endless shapes, sizes, and colors, and relatively inexpensive. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are always safe bets when it comes to bathrooms. They can withstand the moisture content and daily impact of wear and tear.

However, porcelain and ceramic tiles have their cons too. Sometimes they can be fragile and crack easily, especially if installed imprecisely. Installation is tricky and requires skill, knowledge, and patience. Tile can take days to set properly, leaving you out of a bathroom.

The worst part is the maintenance. Ceramic and porcelain tile is easy to clean, but the grout can be difficult. Grout is prone to collect dirt, dust, and even mold spores, if not regularly cleaned and disinfected. Unless you use bleach or other hardcore cleaning agents, it seems impossible to maintain the clean, white look of the grout.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is another popular choice in terms of bathroom flooring. Common natural stone flooring includes marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone. Each type of stone has pros and cons, with some being softer and less durable than others. Although natural stone can be beautiful, it is one of the most expensive flooring options.

It’s also high-maintenance and needs regular resealing (some must be resealed yearly, while others can last up to five years). Natural stone can resist a lot of wear and tear and endure the humidity of a bathroom, but it also is very cold and doesn’t retain heat as long as other options.

Natural stone can also be slippery, making it a risky flooring choice for those with physical impairments or balance issues. If you’re going to use natural stone, getting stone that has not been polished is recommended. Some stones undergo a tumbling process to make them rougher and textured.

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