July 16, 2022

Our Experience With Shoddy Contractors
Helps Shape The Way We Run Our Business

Compassion Is Woven Into Everything We Do…
A Rare Trait In The Bathroom Remodeling Industry

When most people decide to go ahead with a bathroom remodel, they’re putting their beloved home into the hands of a perfect stranger. Not a brother, best friend, or long-time family friend. This can be an unnerving experience, even when it feels like you’ve done your due diligence and made the right choice.

Let’s say the initial phases of the project are buttery smooth, but then when the work starts, what if your contractor begins showing signs of unprofessionalism?

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we’re human. We’re home and business owners, and we understand the importance of putting ourselves in your shoes anytime we enter your home or hop on a phone call.

To be frank, when it’s someone’s home on the line…it’s personal. The home is intrinsically NOT a formal place. It’s the home base of people’s lives!

Bottom Line: While we’ve always implemented compassion into each and every aspect of our work, it’s also our personal experiences outside of Remodeling Bathrooms that motivate us to Do Better; to Be Better.

Example: We Were Completely Ghosted By A Contractor

We believe that open and Clear Communication is an important part of successful home remodels. It’s critical! On one side of the coin, you’ve got contractors like us who keep you in the loop, keep you updated, and are Johnny-on-the-spot honest with you. 

On the other, you’ve got the kind who will take your hard-earned cash and leave you completely in the dark. Worse yet, you may never see or hear from them again.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to us.

Here’s The Scoop

We decided to upgrade our showroom with a fireplace display and got straight to work finding the right person for the job. After careful consideration, we found an experienced woodworker who seemed more than capable of custom-designing and building something gorgeous.

After agreeing on the scope of work, we immediately gave this individual a solid down payment to solidify our spot on his schedule.

And then — complete and utter radio silence.

Not a peep…

Not only did we never see him again, but he also wouldn’t answer our phone calls. When we finally got someone on the phone, it turned out to be the “master” woodworker’s girlfriend who told us he’d already skipped town. Lovely…

Unfortunately, this type of unprofessional, annoying, and rude behavior is quite common in our industry, even when contractors hire other contractors.

Regardless, We Still Needed Our Custom Fireplace!

By this point, we were out a substantial amount of money and time with no custom fireplace display. Although the first experience was disheartening, we knew we needed to carry on and find someone truly responsible to take on the job.

After publishing an ad for the type of custom work we were looking for, to our surprise, quite a few people reached out. We had to be extra careful this time around, though, so we did all our homework to ensure we were making the right decision.

The end result? A beautiful fireplace display that met and exceeded our expectations. While it was more of a hassle on the front end to find a good contractor, the outcome more than made up for it!

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How We Knew The Second Contractor Was “The Guy”

The first clue was his eagerness and ability to communicate. Not only did he quickly reach out to us after seeing our ad, but he was also readily available to talk about our ideas for the custom fireplace.

Secondly, we did a bit of asking around. It turned out he was building quite the reputation for outstanding attention to detail along with just being a solid human being (Learn more about Our Local Reputation across Indianapolis).

Already we were feeling much better!

Last but not least, he told us up front that he wouldn’t be available for work right away because he was going on a mission trip with his church. And this really struck a chord.

Along with his clear line of communication that perfectly showcased his professionalism, compassion, and passion for the craft, he was working to become a trusted member of his community.

That’s why we chose him, and it was a great decision.

This Valuable Lesson Helps Us Save Others From The Same Hassle!

Differences between the first contractor we hired and the second were like night and day. The main difference revolved around compassion. One guy took our money and ran, while the other went above and beyond expectations to earn our trust.

At Eight Hour Shower, we regard these types of experiences as learning opportunities. We use them to improve our process. And at the end of the day, compassion isn’t only one of our core values; it’s at the forefront of each decision we make when taking on a bathroom remodel.

Choose A Bathroom Remodeling Company Who
Understands The Golden Rule

Now that you know more about our experiences with contractors we’ve had to hire for our own remodeling needs, you can see why we operate under such a strict code of ethics. We refuse to deliver anything less than perfection — no matter what. And we take your A-to-Z experience seriously.

If you’re looking to have your bathroom remodeled and you’re out researching, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to give you all the time you need, answer your questions, chat about ideas, and get you scheduled for a Free No-Pressure Consultation at your convenience. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.