February 3, 2023

99% Of Indianapolis Bathroom Remodelers Won’t Tell You This Secret…Or Prove It Works

We Decided To Put It To The Test…

Today’s article isn’t going to be long-winded, but short and to the point. Let’s talk about our secret weapon (so to speak) here at Eight Hour Shower – our shower pans.

To be prudent, here are the basics:

  • Shower pans are basically inserts – often acrylic or composite “entry-level” products – that are installed on the shower floor that act as the floor itself, with typically fiberglass or tile walls.
  • There are TONS of product options with different degrees of quality in the marketplace. Homeowners often feel overwhelmed by this and don’t know which to choose.
  • A shower “base” often refers to what’s below the surface, underneath the floor.

Here’s an image from our Shower Gallery to give you a visual.


What Sets Our Shower Pans Apart?

Well, not much, except they’re only made with 400% more material than any of our serious competitors. This means they’re as waterproofed, stronger, and tougher as they can possibly be.

But like you, we really wanted to know HOW tough. So, we decided to run a test of our own. We grabbed some big-name shower pans from big box retailers and one of our own and began driving over them with a 6,000-pound Chevy Suburban!

They were a big failure as we drove over the so-called “top tier” shower pans from home improvement mega-stores. They didn’t hold up. They cracked and broke and buckled.

“When we drove over our shower pan, it took the weight without flinching…so, we drove over it, again and again, trying to destroy it.”

Being So Tough, Are They Expensive?

At the end of the day, ‘expensive’ is a rather subjective word.

What we can tell you, though, is that we represent true value at unbeatable prices. These are the BEST products we’ve been able to find and prove and deliver to our customers for about 33% less than our competitors.

As a result, we’re known across the greater Indianapolis area for our personable, accommodating, and expert installation process.

Bottom Line: Eight Hour Shower Makes The Difference

If our shower pans can stand up to a 6,000-pound SUV repeatedly running over them, they can certainly withstand everyday use in your home for generations. Interested and need to know more? Contact our friendly staff. They’ve got the answers and insight you’re looking for. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.