January 31, 2023

Most Durable Material For An Indianapolis, IN,
Bathtub Remodel

Experience The Full Benefits Of A Shower Remodel With
Top-Quality Products

Finding the right products can be difficult when remodeling your Indianapolis, IN, shower or bathtub. Some products claim to be the most beautiful and high-class but fail to prove long-lasting reliability. Other products do the opposite – they claim to be the most durable but look like they’re used in prisons.

Durability is one of the essential factors when choosing new shower or bathtub products, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of aesthetics. Great products will combine strength, durability, and beauty, giving you maximum value for your investment. We’ve tested many products at Eight Hour Shower and found one that brings homeowners the complete package.

We wouldn’t feel right offering our customers anything less than the best, which is why we are thrilled to bring them the results of our search for perfection.

What Is The Most Durable Material
For A Bathroom Remodel?

Through our years of testing and research, we landed on the best of the best: Onyx. Onyx delivers everything, from incredible strength, endurance, and longevity to long-lasting beauty. Though Onyx falls under the acrylic umbrella, it’s vastly different from other acrylic tubs and showers.

What Is Onyx?

Onyx is a relatively new product created masterfully to withstand the harsh bathroom environment. It’s made of 63% hydrate crystal (Al2O3+3H2O) and alumina (the main ingredient in Corian and all “solid surface” products) to create the main ingredient in Onyx, alumina trihydrate. The last 37% is a special polyester resin that was developed in the previous 30-plus years.

Together these ingredients create a material 400% thicker than other acrylic products, giving you amazing strength and solidity. Onyx’s polyester resin is made with flexibility and durability in mind to form the deep, translucent, clear appearance found in natural onyx. Plus, it does NOT contain formaldehyde, keeping you safe from toxic chemicals.

How Are Onyx Products Made?

Onyx uses cultured marble-type molds to cast their showers and tubs. Onyx products have a tight molecule Gelcoat (ISO-NPG polymer) on the surface, similar to cultured marble, making your tub or shower very resistant to water penetration.

At Eight Hour Shower, Onyx products are custom-made and cut to fit your shower or tub space perfectly. You won’t find standard big-box sizes and styles here, as Onyx is available in several different colors and looks, letting your new shower or tub complement and blend with the rest of your bathroom.

How Can You Ensure Onyx’s Durability?

Durable products come with airtight warranties, and that’s just what accompanies Onyx products. Manufacturing companies rarely offer lifetime guarantees on products they don’t have faith in – if they did, it would be like throwing money out of the window.

Onyx is so sure of itself that it comes with a lifetime guarantee that is clear and concise – if the product fails, Onyx will replace it. Plus, great installers are confident in their work and will offer a lifetime warranty on their craftsmanship. At Eight Hour Shower, our lifetime warranties are straightforward, clear, and concise.

Traditional acrylic or wall surround tiles may last between 25 and 50 years with regular resealing and maintenance, but nothing compares to the durable longevity of Onyx. Plus, you won’t waste time and money regrouting, as Onyx products are low-maintenance and easy to clean with non-abrasive regular house cleaners.

The Importance of Great Installations For Durability Maintenance

Durable products may hold their own in lab testing, but unless they are properly installed, they may quickly malfunction or lose their strength. When installing Onyx products, it’s important to use qualified and certified installers who know their product and have met the manufacturer’s standards.

At Eight Hour Shower, we only use 100% silicone caulking during our shower and tub installations because it’s the only acceptable choice for bathrooms. Other companies may try to cut corners using low-grade caulking, but we know the importance of using 100% silicone caulking in the bathroom.

It’s the only caulking that’s mold-repellent, moisture-resistant, tight seal-forming, and can withstand extreme temperatures to maintain its durability throughout years of wear and tear. Plus, it retains its polished look, giving you stunning results over the decades.

Eight Hour Shower Only Offers The Most Durable
Materials For Your Indianapolis, IN, Bathroom

You don’t have to spend hours in research because we’ve already done it for you. Our Onyx products combine beauty and durability, giving you lasting results. Not only do we offer premium products, but we offer them at 33% less than our competitorsour prices are unbeatable!

Our highly-trained and well-experienced installers work through a lengthy checklist to ensure no detail gets forgotten or left behind. We never cut corners, only using materials we trust. Plus, we ensure we do it right the first time so you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible!

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