August 23, 2022

What To Expect During Your Bathroom
Remodeling Consultation For
Your Indianapolis Home

Designing Your Perfect Bathroom

Are you planning to have your Indianapolis home’s bathroom remodeled? You’ve been through all the local contractors and have selected one you think you can work with. Now it’s time for the in-home consultation. While this is an exciting time, you might be wondering just exactly what you should be expecting during this visit. Here’s everything you need to know.

Discussing The Project

The first step is going to be discussing the project. Are you looking for a full bathroom remodel or maybe just a tub-to-shower conversion? Your consultant will need to know the scope of the project so that they can give you the best recommendations for what you want to be done.

They will ask you standard questions about your bathroom, such as what you like and what you can’t stand. Additionally, they will want to know any features that you absolutely want to keep. Your consultant will need some idea of your lifestyle so that they can get a general idea of how the bathroom needs to be altered.

Establishing Your Goals And Priorities

The consultant is going to ask questions to establish your priorities and goals for your remodeling project.

  • Do you need more floor space?
  • Is storage currently a problem?
  • Do you need better efficiency?
  • Do you want a more pleasing appearance?
  • Is your current design too outdated?

Sometimes you may have goals that do not agree with one another, and your consultant will help you work through these challenges to find the best solution.

Brainstorming Design Ideas

Once they have an idea of what your goals and priorities are, the design consultant will help you brainstorm ideas for your remodeling project. They may even have samples or photos of previous projects with them to show you what their company has to offer.

While you probably have a lot of your own ideas, the consultant will have some that you haven’t thought of yourself, adding to your creativity. You’ll be able to come up with a great idea for your bathroom remodeling project during this in-home consultation.

Learning About The Company

You’ve most likely done your research on a company if a representative is sitting with you in your kitchen discussing your impending bathroom remodel. However, the consultant should also be offering you information about the way the company works, such as who will be working on your project or even the history of the business.

Establishing A Preliminary Budget

Your chosen bathroom remodeling company cannot give you a definitive budget until you have made your final decision on all of the details, including materials. However, during this initial consultation, they can give you an estimate broken down by category, allowing you to decide where you want to focus your money and where you want to conserve it.

What To Watch Out For

Even though you’ve gotten to the point where you scheduled an in-home consultation, you haven’t committed to anything. So if you see any of these red flags, the time to back out is now.

They’re more interested in telling you what you should do than listening to what you want to do.
They don’t offer any information about their company.
When you ask to see examples of previous bathroom projects, they dodge the questions to avoid showing you any.

Any stand-up remodeling company is going to have plenty of examples of previous work to show you, and they’re going to be proud of their work. Something’s just not right with a company that refuses to show you samples.

It’s also a really bad sign if, at the initial consultation, they are already not listening to you. Chances are, the entire remodel will go this way as well. This is not something you want to deal with.

They should also be forthcoming with information about their company. If they are reliable and have a good reputation, this would be information they would want to share with you.

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