December 9, 2022

We Pop In Unannounced Several Times A Year
To Check Up On Our Crews

It’s One Way We Ensure Industry-Leading
Quality… 100% Of The Time

While it may seem like overkill to some remodeling companies, throughout the year, our owner and general manager Greg drives out to each location to inspect operations.

His mission is simple: to get a first-hand look at processes and quality. For example, in the past year, Greg drove 9 hours to Knoxville to ensure our newest location was up to snuff with the rest of the company. 

Premium quality is crucial to us, and the last thing we want is to have a poorly renovated bathroom tarnish Eight Hour Shower’s stellar local reputations. And when Greg shows up, he’s never surprised by what he finds

There’s Nothing Like A Well-Oiled Machine

Imagine driving hours to check up on your installation crews, only to find them lounging around job sites or displaying fast-paced, sloppy, and poor-quality workmanship. With many lower-tier bathroom remodelers, this kind of behavior doesn’t surprise anyone.
But, with Eight Hour Shower, our crews are part of a polished, well-oiled machine!

Thanks to our rigorous training and hiring process, Greg is always pleased to find our remodeling crews laser-focused on tasks at hand while carrying themselves professionally and respectfully. We heavily ingrain our company’s core values into every remodeling project, and the results are magazine-quality bathtubs, showers, vanities, and more. 

Greg, being a seasoned remodeler himself, can appreciate the level of detail our crews put into projects and their willingness to provide homeowners with bathroom spaces they’re genuinely proud of.

Tight-Knit Crews Uphold Our Extremely High Standards

Using the word “picky” to describe our hiring process would be an understatement. We won’t let just anyone join our team. They must align with the vision that Eight Hour Shower is working toward. And since our installation crews are typically one or two people, it’s even more vital to find the right folks for the job. 

There’s ample opportunity for things to go wrong during a bathroom remodel: leaky pipes, mold or mildew growth, water damage, and the list can go on and on. Our dedication to immaculate installations starts with a novel-like checklist and only ends once the homeowner is delighted.

By only using the absolute best materials in the industry, homeowners can be confident that their new bathroom is here to last.

We Treat Your Bathroom Remodel As If It Were Our Own

At the end of the day, we achieve the best results by genuinely treating your bathroom remodel as if it were happening in our own house. By putting ourselves in your shoes, we can find long-lasting products and amenities to better your life without charging an arm and a leg

If you’re ready to upgrade your out-of-date or dilapidated bathroom and bring it into the 21st century — give us a call! Our customer service department is dedicated to your satisfaction and is ready to help you get started on your dream home today. Call (616) 333-5335 to schedule your free consultation!