Bathroom Remodeling

What should I look for when choosing a bathroom remodeling company?
Honesty and a good reputation are two extremely important things to look for in a bathroom remodeling company. You can find out about a company’s reputation by reading reviews and contacting references. The reliability of a company’s quotes and the legitimacy of their warranty can clue you in to how honest they are.
What questions should I ask my bathroom contractor?
It’s a good idea to ask for some references or samples of prior work. It’s also always wise to find out how long the project will take and to fully understand what the warranty will cover.
Do you only remodel showers and tubs, or can I also remodel my vanity, flooring, and toilet?
We can remodel ANYTHING in your bathroom, including the walls and floors. Read more about full bathroom remodeling here.
What kind of materials do you use?
We only use extremely durable materials that do the job WELL. A great example of this would be the bath and shower systems we use from Onyx. Onyx is 400% thicker than your average shower and bath material! Normal wear and tear doesn’t make a dent when you stick with Onyx. Find out more about the materials we use.
What areas do you service?
We provide superior bathroom remodeling for all the locations listed on our service areas page. Find out if we service your town!
How long will it take to remodel my whole bathroom? What about just the shower?
We’re called Eight Hour Shower because we can install a stunning shower in as little as ONE DAY. If you want to remodel your vanity and flooring in addition to your shower, that usually takes approximately three to five days.
What is the most durable material for a shower and bath system?
After testing out many different kinds of shower and bath materials, we discovered that Onyx is the sturdiest material for bath and shower systems. Read more about why we use Onyx here.
How do your prices compare with the competition?
Our prices are approximately 33% lower than the competitions, and the quality of the materials we use is much higher. Visit our ‘Unbeatable Prices’ page to read more about this.