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Bathroom Remodels Completed In As Little As Eight Hours In Alton, IL

Premium Bathrooms At An Unbeatable Value

From your cracked tub to your outdated vanity, your bathroom has become a nightmare. What was supposed to be a place where you could go to relax in your Alton home has now become a place you try to get in and out of as quickly as possible. Let’s face it, it’s time for a remodel.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we offer every service you could imagine to make your bathroom shine better than it ever has before. Many of our projects can even be completed in as little as eight hours.

Services We Offer

From tub or shower remodels to full-scale bathroom remodels, we do it all with the best products and expert installations.

Shower Remodeling

For all shower remodel projects, we only use Onyx brand materials. Through trial and error, we discovered that Onyx makes products that are thicker, more beautiful, and easier to clean than the standard acrylic covers used by most companies.

Also, Onyx offers 30 colors to choose from, which is significantly more than most other material brands have to offer. You’ll be sure to find something that matches your bathroom.

Did you know that most companies use something called the seamless surround? What it boils down to is the creation of one large piece that covers the entire shower and is installed at one time. The theory is that with no seams, there can be no water damage.

However, what this doesn’t take into account are the two critical seams where the walls meet the floor of your shower and the crown molding at the top. This is why we install our shower in pieces and ensure these seams are completely sealed.

Bathtub Remodeling

When we selected our shower material, we selected the same material for our bathtub remodels. Onyx was just that good that we wanted it for both systems.

Onyx brand bathtubs will be there for you years down the road with no cracking, warping, ridges, or bumps. The material is thicker than any of the competition.

We also use only the best caulk when it comes to sealing your tub. If it’s not 100% silicone, it’s just not good enough. Our competition uses products that are 50% silicone which means the rest is just useless fillers and one of our tubes is worth two of theirs.

Full Bathroom Remodeling

When you look at your bathroom, do you see more than one thing wrong? In addition to your cracked and warped shower, are your floor tiles old? Does your vanity need to be changed out? Instead of hiring a contractor for every project, you can rely on Eight Hour Shower for a full bathroom remodel.

As long as it’s in your bathroom, it’s something we can remodel. If you need more space, we can even knock down a wall for you. When you want the layout of the bathroom changed, we’ve got it covered. There’s pretty much nothing we can’t do.

Tub To Shower Conversion

Got an old tub you never use? Would a shower give you more space? Consider a simple tub to shower conversion that can be completed in less than a day.

The whole process is hassle-free and we’ll be gone before you can blink. The best part is that this simple change will transform the entire look of your bathroom.

Shower Doors

If your shower doors seem like they’re about to fall off the track every time you open or close them, it’s probably safe to assume you need to replace them. You’ll want to make sure you choose doors that go well with your shower as the wrong doors can really ruin its elegance.


We get asked a lot of questions when it comes to bathroom remodeling. These are some of the most frequently asked.

What Should I Look For In A Bathroom Remodeling Company?
Two extremely important things to look for are honesty and a good reputation. You should read reviews and contact references to find out about a company’s reputation. To find out how honest they are, look at the reliability of their quotes as well as the legitimacy of their warranty.
What Questions Should I Ask My Bathroom Contractor?
It’s a great idea to ask for references and samples of prior work. You’ll also want to nail down how long the project will take as well as get a full understanding of what the warranty will cover.
How Long Will It Take To Remodel Just My Shower Or Bathtub? What About My Entire Bathroom?
Shower and bathtub remodels are quick and painless, finishing up in as little as eight hours. A full bathroom remodel, on the other hand, will take us approximately three days to complete.
What Are Your Costs Compared To Your Competitors?
We have unbeatable prices at a whopping 33% less than the competitors.

The Eight Hour Shower Story

When we first started our company we noticed a lot of things wrong with the bathroom remodeling industry. We knew we had to be different and make a worthwhile change.

The first thing we saw was that homeowners would have their tub or shower replaced and literally have nothing to show for it. The materials used were flimsy and broke down very quickly, leaving them out thousands of dollars for the remodel. This is why we only use Onyx brand products for our bath and shower installations.

Then we found that there was a scarcity of Alton remodel companies who offered full bathroom remodels, leaving customers to have to search for a different contractor for everything beyond the tub or shower. Our customers don’t have to worry about any of this because we offer excellent full bathroom remodel options.

Finally, we saw that remodel projects were taking forever to complete. When we give you a timeline, it’s short and we stick to it.

Choose The Company That Offers Clear Communication

Working with those big box companies can really put a damper on your mood. Oftentimes, they treat you like you’re not there by not listening and not providing updates on your project.

At Eight Hour Shower, we’re completely different. Not only do we acknowledge you, but we’re thankful that you allowed us to be your remodeling company. We listen to you because we want to not because we have to. If you need us, we’re there for you.

Ready To Update Your Bathroom? Leave It To The Bathroom Experts

If your Alton home’s bathroom is depressing you, consider updating one or more of its parts with a bathroom remodel. Here at Eight Hour Shower, we can have your remodel done in a jiffy and because we clean up so well, you’ll never know we were there.

Whether you want your tub remodeled or the entire bathroom done over, our expert installers have you covered. We’ll transform your bathroom into that luxurious place you always wanted it to be.

Call us today at (317) 973-7770 or schedule your free consultation.

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