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Upgrade Your Alton Home With A Durable,
Beautiful Bathtub Remodel

Our Bathtubs Are 400% Thicker Than The Competition

Are you tired of looking at that outdated bathtub? Is it bringing down the overall feel of your bathroom? It might just be time for a bathtub remodel from Alton’s best bathroom contractor.

At Eight Hour Shower, we only offer the industry’s best bathtub materials for our remodels. Onyx brand bathtubs are 400% thicker than the competition and are built to last. Years down the road you’ll still have a brand-new tub because this material won’t crack or warp.

We also make sure your seals are taken care of by using premium caulk. Nothing but 100% silicone is good enough for us. Many competitors use 50% silicone products, which means that they’re half useless fillers. It would take two of their tubes to equal one of ours!

They Can’t Beat Our Prices

You might be thinking that by offering the industry’s best products, we must have the industry’s highest prices, but the exact opposite is true! In fact, the mediocre materials being used by the competition are being sold at top dollar prices while we offer our top-of-the-line products for up to 33% less.

Additionally, we were smart about our financing program. You see, when many companies offer the best financing rates it comes at a heavy price. The financing company eats up their profits, causing the company to have to charge their customers more, in the long run, to make up for the loss.

We chose a financing program that allows us to charge fair prices and does not eat up our profits unnecessarily.

Our Installation Process Is Superior

Some people think we’ve lost our minds with how detailed we’ve made our checklists but they help us make sure we don’t miss a single aspect of a remodel project. These lists are so detailed and precise to ensure that we know exactly what we are going to do before we arrive at your home and make our installations perfect.

We’ll have your whole project planned out from start to finish as well as all the measurements at the ready. We don’t leave anything up to interpretation because that’s how errors happen.

At Eight Hour Shower, our focus on every project is to only have to do it once. Having to go back to fix something is a serious disappointment for the entire team. That’s why we hit the mark the first time and spare you the stress and wasted time of a do-over.

An Amazing Warranty

Do you ever get stressed out trying to make heads or tails of a company’s warranty because of the tricky language they use? Then you’re in for a treat with us! We only use straightforward wording so that you completely understand what’s being covered.

With the quality of their materials and the use of subcontractors, it’s no surprise that many companies can’t offer their customers an ironclad warranty. They have no way to monitor the workmanship of their subcontractors so they can’t back it up with a warranty and their products are known to be weak.

It would, plain and simple, be a mistake for the companies to offer a strong warranty to back up anything they don’t have faith in.

At Eight Hour Shower, we know our materials are the finest around and are built to last. We also don’t employ subcontractors for any of our installations to ensure our workmanship is stellar. Because of this, we can without a doubt offer you the best warranty on your bathtub remodel.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Bathtub To The Finest
Product Available? Leave It To The Bathroom Pros

If you’re looking for a change for your Alton home’s bathroom, a bathtub remodel may be your best bet. It will change the whole appearance of your space and give you a whole new outlook on comfort.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, not only do we offer you the best in products and installation services, but we are fast and will be in and out of your home in as little as eight hours. It will be the most stress-free remodeling experience you have ever had.

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