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Luxurious Full Bathroom Remodels In Alton

Don’t Just Settle For Updating Your Tub Or Shower,
Redesign Your Entire Bathroom!

When you look around your bathroom, do things just look old and plain? Why not redesign the entire space with a full bathroom remodel? The best part is when you choose Alton’s best bathroom remodeling company, you can get every service you need for the project in one place!

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we can remodel it if it’s in your bathroom. We’ll tear down walls if you want more space or even move your toilet clear across the room. Whatever you want, we can deliver!

We Only Install Premium Products For Our Customers

When it comes to the installation of your shower or tub, we’ve done all the research you could imagine, and we’ve found the best products on the market. We only use Onyx brand bathtubs and showers for our customers. Onyx brand bathtubs and showers are 400% thicker than the competition and are built to last.

In addition, when it comes to sealing your system, we only use 100% silicone caulk. We’re not like the competition who settles for 50% silicone that’s half useless fillers. Our caulk forms the tightest seals, creates a polished look, and resists mold growth.

The Competition Can’t Beat Our Prices

Not only do we offer nothing but premium products, but our prices can’t be beaten! When we did our research on the Onyx brand shower and bathtub systems, we really wanted to find a way to offer these products to you at extremely affordable prices.

We did a lot of number crunching and were very pleased to find that not only could we offer great prices but they were up to 33% lower than the competition.

In addition, we chose a financing company that supports us in a way that other companies’ financing companies don’t. You see, in most cases, a financing company will eat up all of a remodeling company’s profits, so the customer ends up paying more for the services in exchange for a lower financing rate.

Our financing company is completely opposite from traditional companies, so we can offer low financing rates along with affordable service rates.

Our Warranties Are Amazing

We know without a doubt that our materials are superior and will last an extremely long time. In addition, our installation crews are professional, talented, and highly skilled at what they do. Because of this, we can offer our customers the most amazing warranties on our products and services.

Other home remodeling companies may question whether their products are going to last because they know they are not made of high-quality materials and they may not know how good or bad their installation techniques are due to hiring subcontractors. For these reasons, they will not be able to provide a solid warranty for their customers.

Our Core Values Make Us Different

When it comes to our core values, they set us apart from the competition. They govern the way we operate and guide our actions through every step we take.


We believe in being honest about everything. There is no sneakiness or underhandedness in anything we do. Additionally, all of our employees are intensely screened for integrity when they are hired.


If you don’t have compassion for every single one of your customers, you might as well close up your business. We make it our goal to take care of each and every one of our customers with enthusiasm, care, and concern.


You won’t ever feel left out in the cold with us. We offer steady updates on your project, and we always answer the phone when you need us. When you have something to say, we hear you.


To put it plainly, if we mess up, we own up to it. We don’t waste time making excuses or pointing the finger at someone else. We’re just going to fix whatever the problem is and move on.


We are so thrilled every time a customer chooses us, and regardless of the project size, we respect each one of them equally. We know that their time, money, and space are very important to them, and we do not take advantage of anything.

Are You Ready To Upgrade To A Stylish, New Bathroom?
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Are you ready to revamp your Alton home with a full bathroom remodel? Get all your bathroom remodeling needs taken care of in one place with the experts at Eight Hour Shower.

You won’t find better products or warranties than what we have to offer. Let us create the bathroom of your dreams today.

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