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Transform Your Alton Bathroom With A
New Shower Door

Find A Variety Of Options At Eight-Hour Shower

Your shower door is supposed to accentuate the beauty of your shower, not drag it down by being a catch-all for dirt and mold. If it’s time to update your shower door, choose the Alton company that’s going to have it done in as little as eight hours.

At Eight Hour Shower, we offer a variety of colors, sizes, and designs for our shower door replacements. You’ll be sure to find the exact door you need to spruce up your shower. 

We Only Offer Expert Installations

Many companies fly by the seats of their pants when it comes to installations. They come unprepared, don’t know where things are going, and just have no idea what your project entails. At Eight Hour Shower, we couldn’t be any more different.

Not only do we come prepared, but we are armed with a detailed checklist that breaks down every single aspect of your project into easily digestible pieces so that we don’t miss a single thing during your expert installation. We don’t leave any room for interpretation of the plans because all that does is leave room for error.

Our goal is to complete your project right the first time with absolutely no need for second chances of any kind. We can’t stand the idea of missing the mark, so we do everything in our power to hit a hole-in-one the first time.

Our Communication Is Stellar

Have you ever dealt with a remodeling company that just left you in the dark, leaving you to feel invisible and unimportant? The sad truth is this is how many big-box companies treat their customers all the time. They don’t give them the time of day or even let them know what’s going on with their project.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we believe you need to know how your project is progressing, and you need clear communication with your remodeling company. You should also know who is going to be working in your house and have someone to contact if you have any problems. When you have a concern, we’ll be right there to listen and help you the best that we can.

Core Values That Make Us Completely Different
From The Rest

It’s important to have a remodeling company that has a strong set of core values. These values will decide their actions for them and help govern the way they operate. At Eight Hour Shower, we do everything by our core values with no exceptions.


When someone has integrity, it means that they have honesty and possess strong moral uprightness. We find this trait to be nonnegotiable in everyone we hire. When it comes to our customers, we only tell the truth and never act in an underhanded manner.


To have compassion for someone means that you place yourself in their position and understand what they are going through, having empathy for their situation. You can offer the finest products and services all day long, but if you don’t have compassion for your customers, you might as well quit.

We understand that a bathroom remodel can affect your daily life, and we care about that. That’s why we treat every one of our customers with care and concern. 


A huge part of the customer experience relies on what type of communication occurs throughout the project. If you’re left in the dark and treated like you’re invisible, you’re probably not going to have the greatest experience with your remodeling project.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we make communication a main focus. You will never feel left out, and you will always know what’s going on.


Accountability is something we take seriously. While we hate to make a mistake, if it does happen, we will own it. There won’t be any excuse-making or finger-pointing. We’ll get straight to the point and fix the problem.


You have worked very hard for your money and home, and we know your time is also very valuable to you; we respect that. We won’t give you anything but transparent prices, we’ll work cleanly, and we’ll always be on time.

Do You Need A New Shower Door? Let The Bathroom
Experts Handle The Job

Does your Alton home’s bathroom need a stylish new shower door? Let the best bathroom remodeling company in town handle the project for you!

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we’ll have your new shower door installed in as little as eight hours. You’ll have an elegant new look for your shower in no time at all.

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