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Do you wish your bathroom was more luxurious? When taking a shower becomes a chore instead of a relaxing experience, something’s got to give. Why not consider a shower remodel to update your Alton home’s bathroom?

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we can have you hooked up in as little as eight hours. You won’t have to deal with any of the mess or stress that’s common with the competition.

We only sell Onyx brand shower materials and we did a lot of research to come to this decision. When we compare Onyx acrylic to the standard acrylic material used by our competitors, it’s thicker, nicer, and easier to clean.

Our Core Values Define Us

At Eight Hour Shower, all of our employees, from the top to the bottom, live and breathe our core values. They shape all of our decisions and define how we operate as a company.


Integrity is very important to us and it’s a trait that can’t be taught. We perform extensive screenings of all employees to ensure that they have the utmost integrity before we hire them. Additionally, we never do anything shady or underhanded, it’s just not something we’re capable of.


We care for each and every one of our customers. They mean the world to us and we try to see things from their perspective. In order to run a successful business, you have to have compassion for everyone, not just the highest paying customer.


When you need something, we’re here for you. We’ll answer the phone if you call or be ready with a listening ear if you have a concern. We’ll also be ready with frequent updates on the status of your remodel.


We have a strict policy against the blame game. If something goes wrong, all of our employees know they need to jump up and handle the situation, regardless of what happened or who was involved.


We appreciate our customers for choosing us and respect their time, money, and space. We are never late for an appointment, we never have hidden fees in our quotes, and we always clean up our messes.

Superior Installation Techniques

Our installation techniques far surpass the competition because of how detailed we are. Some people think we’re crazy because we make such in-depth checklists but the truth is they enable us to know exactly where everything goes before we even get to your house. We also know the exact measurements for every part of your shower remodel.

This extra detail helps ensure that we only have to do our remodel projects once. There’s no going back for seconds. Our customers are satisfied from the moment we say we are finished and that’s just how we like it.

Solid Warranty

We write our warranties for our Onyx shower systems in real language that is easy to understand and leaves no room for interpretation, which may surprise you.

Many companies cannot afford to offer superior warranties because their products won’t hold up, or they use subcontractors whose workmanship can’t be monitored. For either of these situations, it would be foolish for the company in question to offer a solid warranty.

However, at Eight Hour Shower, we know our materials are the best in the industry and we don’t use subcontractors, so we are able to guarantee both our products and our workmanship.

Ready To Upgrade Your Shower With The Best Materials
Around? Call The Alton Shower Pros

When you want to take your bathroom from dull and boring to luxurious and beautiful, call your local Alton bathroom remodeling experts to install an Onyx brand shower. At Eight Hour Shower, we’ve focused all of our attention on bathrooms to become industry-leading experts so that we can provide you with the best shower you have ever seen in as little as eight hours.

With a no-stress remodel, you can’t go wrong. We’ll take care of every detail so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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