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Transform Your Old Tub Into A Beautiful New
Shower In Less Than A Day In Alton

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Do you even remember the last time you took a nice, long, luxurious bath? If you can’t, you might as well swap that old tub out for a shiny new shower. Let the Alton bathroom remodeling experts at Eight Hour Shower handle your tub-to-shower conversion.

If you want to make a simple change that can be completed in less than a day but will transform the overall look of your entire bathroom, this is the option for you. Our tub-to-shower conversions are so fast and clean that it’s almost like magic.

We Do Things Right The First Time

When you choose a remodeling company, you want them to be detailed and organized so that nothing gets missed. You don’t want a company that doesn’t come with a plan of action and knowledge of the project before they get started.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we’re so detailed that some people might call us overachievers. Our checklists cover everything you could possibly think of, from where your shower will be located to the exact measurements needed for the expert installation. We know everything about your project before we ever pick up a tool. It’s how we are so successful.

We also don’t believe in having to return to a project a second time. There’s no point when it can be done right the first time. We make it our goal that our customers should never have to ask for a do-over. This is how we save you time and stress.

Our Communication Is Always Clear

Unlike other home contractors, we have a secret weapon when it comes to communication, and his name is Mike. Once the contract is signed, Mike is the only person our customers communicate with. He sets the appointments, fields customer concerns, and provides updates. Mike works six days a week and is available all day long for your needs.

We believe that clear-cut communication is key to making any remodeling project a success. Instead of leaving you in the dark or making you feel invisible, we will always treat you like a person and be there to answer your questions or hear your concerns. 

The Eight Hour Shower Story

When we first started this company, we saw a few things that kept giving homeowners problems, and we knew we had to change to make a difference in the bathroom remodeling industry. We set out to delight our customers, making the remodeling experience completely different from everything they had previously experienced.

The first problem that we noticed was that remodeling projects were costing a significant amount of money, but the homeowners were having very little to show for it. Shoddy materials were being used, and they just weren’t holding up to the test of time.

This is why we set out to find the perfect line of products to offer our customers, finding the Onyx brand. You won’t have to worry about your new shower failing anytime soon as it provides an excellent value for the money you’ve invested in it.

The second problem we saw was that most of the remodeling companies did not offer full bathroom remodels, focusing only on shower and tub replacements. This left their customers high and dry when it came time to finish the bathroom, as they had to find other contractors that could complete things like the flooring or moving the toilet.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we are experts at full bathroom remodels. If you want to change something in the bathroom, we can remodel it. From the floors to the toilet to the vanity, we have the skills and the talent to make your bathroom exactly what you want so that you don’t need to find the services of another contractor.

Finally, we observed the exorbitant amount of time it took for a remodel to be completed. No customer wants their bathroom to be off-limits for an extended period. We offer short timeframes for all of our remodel options, and we stick to them.

Ready To Swap Out That Old Tub For A New And Improved
Shower? Call The Bathroom Remodeling Experts

When you’ve had enough of that tub that you just don’t use, it’s time for a tub-to-shower conversion. Don’t leave things up to chance. Call the Alton bathroom pros at Eight Hour Shower!

Our tub-to-shower conversions are so professional, clean, and fast that you’ll never even know we were there!

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