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If you’ve got a bathroom in your Ballwin home that’s not living up to your expectations, it’s time for a change. Whether you want to convert your old tub into a sleek new shower or start over with an entirely new bathroom, Eight Hour Shower has you covered. We even offer several types of projects that can be completed in as little as eight hours!

Services We Offer

We offer an amazing array of services that will meet all of your needs. You’ll quickly find that if it’s in your bathroom, we can change it.

Shower Remodeling

When it comes to shower remodels, our products outshine the competition. We use Onyx brand acrylics for all of our shower installations. It’s thicker, nicer, and easier to clean than other acrylic brands used by most bathroom remodeling companies.

Most shower system brands only offer a handful of colors to choose from and you’re lucky if you find one that matches your bathroom. Onyx brand acrylics come in 30 colors, so it’s almost impossible not to find one that will work in your Ballwin home’s bathroom.

Bathtub Remodeling

We also use Onyx brand acrylics for our bathtub remodeling. These bathtubs will stand up to the test of time, resisting warping, cracking, and chipping. Years from now, you will have a tub that still looks and feels brand new.

In addition to Onyx acrylics, we use the best caulk in the industry to ensure that your seals are perfect. While the competition typically uses 50% silicone, we only use 100%. This means there’s no room for useless fillers in our caulk.

Full Bathroom Remodeling

If you’ve got more in mind than changing out just your bathtub or shower, we also offer full bathroom remodeling. If you want to make more space by knocking down a wall or maybe your toilet would look better on the other side of the room, we can do it. We can change your entire layout while moving your plumbing to accommodate the changes.

Additionally, we can change out your old flooring and install a new vanity. The only limitation to your bathroom remodel is your imagination.

Tub To Shower Conversion

When you don’t use your tub for long, luxurious soaks and instead just hop in and out for showers, it might be beneficial to get a tub to shower conversion. Not only will this change the total appearance of your bathroom but it will free up valuable space.

We can have this simple conversion done quickly, often in as little as eight hours. We’ll be in and out of your house so quickly it will be like we were never there!

Shower Doors

When your shower door is on its last leg, getting it replaced is a stress-free process with us. Your new door will add a new level of elegance to your shower, improving the overall look of your bathroom. Replacing your shower is another project that our team of experts can easily complete in our eight-hour timeframe.

Our Prices Are Unbeatable

The competition has nothing on our prices. Not only do we offer the best products in the industry with our Onyx brand shower and bath systems, but they come at unbeatable prices, too!

We took a long hard look at other bathroom remodeling companies in the area and knew that something had to change. First, we saw that the competition was often offering mediocre to poor-quality products at top-dollar prices. Then we looked for the sturdiest product available and found Onyx acrylics.

Finally, we crunched the numbers until we came up with a way to offer these superior products at the best possible prices and still make a profit. This resulted in us selling the highest quality products for up to 33% less than the competition!

Expert Installation

We use extremely detailed checklists to ensure that we always provide the most expert installation possible. Before we even get to your house, we’ll know the exact measurements for every part of your tub or shower as well as where every single feature is going. By taking our time during each step of your project, we ensure that not a single stone goes unturned.

Zero-Stress Financing

Bathroom remodeling can become expensive but it doesn’t have to put a financial strain on you. We offer our qualifying Ballwin customers stress-free financing options.

If you’re interested in financing, let us know during your initial consultation. We’ll ask you a few questions and provide you with options that meet your needs. Once you qualify for the payment plan that meets your needs and budget, we’ll complete the paperwork and get started on your project.

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