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We Guarantee Our Onyx Brand Bathtubs Will Be
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Do you wish you could take a bath but your Ballwin home’s bathtub is so beat up that it just makes you cringe when you think about it? It’s time for a bathtub remodel! Turn that horrible old mess into a luxurious place where you can soak all your stress away.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we offer premium bathtub systems from the Onyx brand. They make their materials thicker than all the other bathroom manufacturers. In fact, their bathtubs are 400% thicker than the competition so you won’t have to worry about cracking, warping, or chipping.

When we install a bathtub, we don’t cut corners, which is why we only use 100% silicone caulk. The majority of the competition will settle for 50% caulk which leaves room for useless fillers. Basically, what this boils down to is that one of our tubes of caulk is equal to two of theirs.

Our Story Is Different From The Competition

Ever since we started Eight Hour Shower, things have been different for us because we made it a point to stand out from the competition for a variety of reasons and we succeeded.

Why We Needed To Be Different

When we first opened our doors, we saw some serious problems in the bathroom remodeling industry. Homeowners would have little to show for the thousands of dollars they just poured into their bathtub or shower remodels. They were offered materials that were called the best only to have them almost immediately fail.

There were almost no Ballwin bathroom remodeling companies that offered full bathroom remodels! They were strictly limited to bathtubs and showers, leaving their customers to find other contractors for things like changing the flooring, vanity, or toilet.

Bathroom remodels were taking forever. No homeowner wants their home taken over for an extended period of time, especially not if they only have one bathroom to work with.

We Solved Every Problem

Not only did we find superior products for our customers, but we also offer them at affordable rates. We searched high and low until we found the best products available, which were Onyx brand acrylics.

Unlike the competition, we remodel anything that’s in your bathroom. If you need a wall knocked down to make more space, we’re on it. Don’t like the layout and want the toilet moved clear across the room? You got it. We specialize in full bathroom remodels.

When it comes to timeframes, we offer the shortest times possible and stick to them. We do everything in our power to make sure your remodeling project is finished on time, not extended into the next week or month. In fact, we can even complete some projects in as little as one day.

Clear Communication Makes Things Run Smoothly

We’ve all had that experience working with a company where they made us feel invisible, unimportant, and less than human. Being ignored by the company you hire to complete your bathtub remodel is not a good feeling. That’s why at Eight Hour Shower, we believe in clear communication.

We take the time to listen when you have questions or concerns. When you call us, we make it a priority to answer the phone. You’ll also get constant updates about the status of your remodel. We make sure that our customers are treated with respect and given the consideration that they deserve.

You Can’t Beat Our Warranty

You probably think you’ve seen it all when it comes to warranties and that there’s always going to be some loophole that prevents you from getting the coverage that you deserve. Let’s face it, the average contractor can’t afford to provide their customers with a rock-solid warranty for two major reasons.

First of all, many of them employ subcontractors. This means that they have little to no control over the quality of work that goes into their customers’ homes. There’s no way that they can guarantee the workmanship with a warranty because they simply don’t know what went into it.

Second, they have no faith in the materials that they use. They know deep down that they are peddling mediocre materials at high-quality prices. It would make no sense to back them up with a strong materials warranty just for them to fail.

We do things differently. For our installations, you will never see a subcontractor. All of our installers are in-house employees, which means that we can guarantee the quality of the workmanship. We also know that our shower and bathtub systems are the best in the industry and that’s why you’ll get an ironclad warranty when you get a bathtub remodel from us.

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If you’ve had enough of looking at your Ballwin home’s cracked and warped bathtub, call the bathroom experts for an upgrade!

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we’ll have you bathing in luxury in no time with a bathtub that is not only gorgeous but built to last.

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