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Precision Shower Door Replacements
In Ballwin, MO

Add Another Level Of Elegance To Your Shower With
A New Shower Door

Does your shower door inspire fear every time you move it? Or does it seem like it’s a catch-all for mold and dirt? Either way, it’s time to replace that old thing. You can really add another level of elegance to the sleek design of the shower in your Ballwin home’s bathroom by getting a shower door replacement.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we can be in and out in as little as eight hours. We’ll provide you with a stress-free remodeling experience that you won’t soon forget!

We Offer Premium Products At Unbeatable Prices

When we say something, we mean it. This is a fact that we pride ourselves on. So when we say that we offer unbeatable prices, you can take that to the bank.

We found that big-box remodeling companies were offering mediocre to poor quality products for top dollar prices. Then we researched until we found the Onyx brand product line, which is far superior to the competition.

We crunched the numbers until we found a way to offer these stellar shower and bath systems to our customers at an affordable price while still making a profit.

What happened?

We ended up selling the highest quality bath and shower systems on the market for prices that are up to 33% less than our competitors.

Many companies make the mistake of partnering with financing companies that eat up all their profits in exchange for offering extremely low rates. In the end, their customers end up paying more to cover the cost of these lost profits.

Our financing platform operates differently without eating up our profits. This means we can always offer unbeatable prices.

We’ll Never Leave You In The Dark

Have you ever worked with a remodeling company that’s left you in the dark? You probably experienced feelings of invisibility and frustration, questioning your own existence. From being tossed around on a voice-recorded menu to dealing with a robotic-sounding human, the experience was completely lacking in real communication.

We do things completely differently. First of all, we’re grateful that you chose us to complete your remodel and we’re going to be there for you throughout the project. We’re going to answer the phone if you call us. When you have questions or concerns, we’re going to stop and listen to you. We will also provide you with regular updates on your project.

Clear communication is key to a successful project.

Choose A Bathroom Remodeling Company With
Rock-Solid Standards

A lot of companies will indicate that they have core values but when they’re pressed about them, they can’t tell you the first one. Here at Eight Hour Shower, all of our employees not only know our core values, but they exemplify each one of them.


Integrity is a natural-born trait and it’s not something that you can learn. Whenever we interview a new candidate for a position in our company, we heavily screen them for honesty. We don’t do anything that comes close to being underhanded and we have to make sure that our employees have the same level of integrity.


Our company is fueled by our passion for caring for our customers. We are enthusiastically kind and empathetic to every single person, no matter what.


We believe in having clear communication with our customers. It makes their experience so much more enjoyable. Our customers are included in their project through the ability to reach us, receive regular project updates, and simply be heard when they have a question or concern.


Mistakes are very rare for us but if they do happen, we don’t waste time with the blame game or finger-pointing. Every single one of our employees knows the importance of stepping up and taking charge of the situation. The problem will be handled as fast as possible with no excuses.


We respect all of our customers’ time, money, and space. We are always on time, provide honest quotes, and clean up our workspace. It’s just the right thing to do.

Is It Time To Replace Your Shower Door?

Eight Hour Shower Has You Covered!

If you’re ready to replace the shower door in your Ballwin home’s bathroom, you want expert service that’s going to be quick. You need Eight Hour Shower!

We’ll have your shower door replaced with precision accuracy in as little as eight hours. You’ll transform your bathroom’s overall appearance with the sleek new finish on your shower.

Call us today at (317) 973-7770 to schedule your free estimate.

We service Ballwin, MO and the surrounding areas.