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Sleek Tub To Shower Conversions
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Upgrade From A Tub To A Shower In As Little As One Day

Is your Ballwin home’s bathroom feeling a little cramped? A tub to shower conversion could be exactly what you’re looking for. A sleek new shower can take up significantly less space than that old tub, allowing you to make the room more functional. Additionally, it will transform the entire look of your bathroom.

The best part is that your bathroom won’t be bogged down in a remodel for days when you choose Eight Hour Shower. The whole project can be done in as little as one day! Not only will we be in and out quickly, but we’ll clean up after ourselves so well that it will be like we were never there.

We Only Use Premium Products For Our Customers

Our shower materials are exclusively Onyx brand acrylics, which are premium products. We won’t settle for anything less. We’ve done our research and found that Onyx acrylic is 400% thicker than the competition.

Not only is it thicker, but it’s nicer and easier to clean. It also comes in 30 colors, so you’re sure to find something that will perfectly match your bathroom’s color scheme.

An Unsinkable Warranty To Cover Your New Shower

Let’s face it, most homeowners are jaded by the typical warranty offered by most remodeling companies. They’ve just had too many experiences where an awesome-sounding warranty turned out to be garbage. There are a million ways to word things to make homeowners think they have full coverage when they don’t.

To be honest, the average remodeling company can’t afford to offer their customers full coverage warranties and there are two reasons for this. First, many of them employ subcontractors so they cannot guarantee the quality of the workmanship because they have no way to monitor it.

Second, they have no faith in their products. They don’t believe that their materials will hold up over time.

At Eight Hour Shower, we don’t employ subcontractors for our installations and we have absolute faith in our products. Because of this, we can offer an airtight warranty for our Ballwin customers.

The Eight Hour Shower Story

We started this business to be different from the other bathroom remodeling companies in the area. There were several major problems that we knew needed to be fixed right away.

The first problem we saw was that homeowners were spending thousands of dollars and had little to show for it. The products that were installed weren’t holding up over time, becoming warped, cracked, and moldy shortly after installation.

The second problem was that most of the bathroom remodeling companies in the area did not offer full bathroom remodeling. This meant that if the homeowner wanted to do more than just change the bathtub or shower, they had to find separate contractors for everything else.

The third problem was that the projects simply took forever. This point really struck home with us because we knew that no homeowner wants to be tied down to a remodeling project for an excessive period of time. Something had to be done.

We Were Able To Eliminate All Three Of These Problems!

We only install Onyx brand shower and bath products, and we do it at an affordable rate. These systems are built to last and we can’t come up with a single reason why you would want to choose another brand.

While we are great at installing bathtubs and showers, we can do everything else in the bathroom as well. If you want a new floor, toilet, or vanity, we’ve got you covered. Full bathroom remodels are fully within our scope of abilities.

We also give you a short timeframe and stick to it. You can count on us to stick to our schedule and keep your remodeling project as short as possible.

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Your Bathtub?
Call The Bathroom Experts

Make your Ballwin home’s bathroom more spacious by converting your tub to a shower today. If you want your project done accurately and in as little as one day, call Eight Hour Shower!

We only install premium products that are built to last. Your new shower will be sleek, easy to clean, and as good-as-new for years down the road.

Call us today at (317) 973-7770 to schedule your free estimate.

We service Ballwin, MO and the surrounding areas.