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Upgrade Your Belleville, IL Bathroom With
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We Know How To Do A Full Bathroom Remodel
Right The First Time

It can be scary and expensive starting a Belleville, IL full bathroom remodel. There’s a lot to consider, and bathroom remodels are one of the more pricier home renovation investments. At Eight Hour Shower, we do everything from creating a new floor plan to shower installation to a full remodel, and we’re on your side through the whole process.

Doing a full bathroom remodel doesn’t need to be nearly as time-consuming and stressful as some contractors make it out to be. Our simplified process ensures you get the best quality products, most professional installation, and clearest communication along the way.

Here is how our company will help you with your full bathroom remodel.

We Only Choose The Best Products For Our
Belleville, IL Customers

Not all bathroom fixtures and products are made equally. Some remodeling companies go for the cheapest product in an effort to make the remodel seem more affordable. However, cheaper products mean less quality and quicker replacement. Choosing a good, durable product upfront can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

After conducting mass amounts of research, we found Onyx baths and showers to be the best choice when it comes to quality and price. Onyx is 400 times thicker than other acrylic showers.

We also know the importance of using silicone caulking when remodeling your full bathroom. Silicone caulking withstands extreme temperatures and creates a tight seal, eliminating the growth of mold and mildew. It also looks great and lasts a long time.

Our Employees And Installers Are Highly Knowledgeable

We only use full-time employees and installers, never hiring subcontractors to quickly fulfill orders. This allows our employees to gain experience and knowledge throughout the years, ensuring our customers benefit from their tested expertise.

Our installers follow a strict checklist before installation can even begin, starting with exact measurements. This allows minimum room for error and for any initial concerns to be addressed before they become problems.

Customers are always asked to inspect the work before installers leave to ensure full satisfaction. If anything looks wrong, we’ll fix it right there – no questions asked. We get things right the first time so you can start enjoying your new bathroom as soon as possible.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Prices Are Unbeatable

A lot of companies say they offer “unbeatable prices,” but what does that really mean? For us, it means dozens of hours of research studying the workings of the bathroom remodeling industry.

After examining big box stores, which typically sell cheap products for top dollar, we decided to choose a quality, affordable product that gives customers the best value for their money.

After figuring out how to get this product into customers’ homes at the lowest cost while still turning a profit, we arrived at our unbeatable prices. This allows us to sell and install our products at 33% of the cost of our competitors.

Additionally, we know how to run a business efficiently and eliminate extra expenditures. This keeps prices low for our customers, ensuring you’re not paying for our mistakes. Customers often get tricked into taking cheap financing offers but fail to realize the company has jacked up the initial price to make those offers.

We skip all that nonsense and wasted money, ensuring our customers benefit from intelligent business practices. Plus, we never change our quote or try to slide in hidden costs.

We Believe In Customer Respect and Clear Communication

Contractors often have a reputation for being unreliable and wasting a customer’s time and money. At Eight Hour Shower, we do the exact opposite! Our word is our word, and we stand by it proudly.

Punctuality is a quality we hold dear and take it extremely seriously. We know how frustrating waiting around for contractors to show up can be. This is why we give our customers a one-hour window, and we always show up during the scheduled time.

We always make it our business to answer the phone when you call. Clear communication is a priority, and we want our customers to feel included and comfortable during the entire remodeling process. By making ourselves available, we’re able to answer any questions or concerns quickly.

Our communication is always respectful, and enthusiastic and gets to the heart of the matter!

We Are Guided By Our Core Values

Many contractors flounder around, ungrounded and unreliable, causing their businesses to fold quickly. We stay grounded here at Eight Hour Shower by using our five core values to guide us – integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect. These values are not debatable and are used in all areas of our business.

Everything we do, we do with integrity. We care about our work and craftsmanship, as well as our word. Honesty is a must, and all employees are screened to ensure they feel the same way.

When it comes to customer service, we always act with compassion and respect and keep communication open and friendly. We do not take our customers for granted and want to show our gratitude by providing them with the best full bathroom remodeling experience they can have.

Accountability falls in line with our integrity — we will always stand by our work to ensure we leave everything right. If something falls short of expectation, we take full responsibility.

Eight Hour Shower Is The Best Choice For Your
Belleville Full Bathroom Remodel

When you’re ready for your full bathroom remodel in Belleville, IN, avoid the headaches of other contracting companies. See our beautiful completed projects for yourself and get started on your bathroom remodel today.

From installing new flooring to showers to new vanities, we can remodel the full bathroom without calling in outside help. We finish on time and leave our customers completely satisfied.

Contact us today for a free estimate!