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Do You Need To Replace The Shower Door
In Your Belleville, IL Bathroom?

Replacing Your Shower Door Changes
The Whole Look Of Your Bathroom

Everyone gets tired of looking at the same things in their Belleville, IL home for years, and the shower door is no exception. Not only do shower doors gather mold and debris over time, but the style also starts to look outdated. Often these issues make the whole bathroom feel dirty and unwelcoming.

By replacing the shower door, you can bring new life into your Belleville bathroom. This small change can go a long way in upgrading your bathroom without breaking the bank. With a new door, you can turn your bathroom into a place of luxury — something you’ve always wanted. 

No bathroom project is too small for us at Eight Hour Shower – we take each job seriously, and here is why we are the best choice for your shower door replacement.

We Work Fast And Efficiently

Other contractors can take forever, but our expert installers will replace your shower door within hours. The process is fast, and we work efficiently because we respect your time. Our installers work meticulously, ensuring proper measurements before installation even begins. Careful attention to detail eliminates wasted time later on fixing mistakes.

Unlike some contractors that cut their materials in the home and create a giant mess, we cut our materials outside. This ensures as little of a mess as possible and saves your home from days of cleaning.

No one wants to wipe off construction dust weeks after a project is completed. And we’ll take care of the clean-up for what little mess we do make. We always leave our customers’ bathrooms looking spotless and brand new!

We also greatly respect your time and don’t want to waste it, which is why we give you a one-hour window of arrival – which our installers always adhere to on installation day. Plus, you won’t be sacrificing service for time because not only are we fast, we’re expert installers.

Our Wide Variety Of Shower Doors Are Top Quality

Choosing the right door for your bathroom shower can be tricky and is the difference between making the shower a place of refuge or a place of stress. So, when it comes to shower doors, we made sure to have a massive assortment of colors, sizes, and styles to help you find one you absolutely love.

Whether your bathroom is classic, contemporary, or somewhere in between, choose a shower door that will add to the overall look or even be that finishing touch. We will find you the best door for your shower and get it to you for an affordable price.

Our shower doors are always top quality, meaning they won’t crack or warp. You’ll be able to count on them for years to come, continually giving your bathroom a fresh, polished look.

Browse our gallery of shower doors for ideas and inspiration!  

We Only Employ Expert Shower Door Belleville, IL Installers

We care about our customers, and it shows because they never want to leave. Feeling appreciated is important, and this sense of gratitude passes through to our customers. Our valued employees are polite, kind, and highly knowledgeable when it comes to bathroom remodels and shower door replacements.

We only use full-time employees and never hire outside subcontractors or day laborers because we care about who represents our company.

Our installers go through a grueling checklist before installation even begins, starting with taking exact measurements three times. This preciseness and attention to detail allow no room for error. 

Plus, we ask all of our customers to inspect the work themselves before we leave, making sure they’re completely satisfied with their new shower door. By getting things right the first time, we save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

We Always Follow Our Core Values

Many other bathroom remodeling companies want to get in and out and take your money, leaving you unsatisfied with your door. We’ve learned over time that companies that operate without core values tend to close shop fast and often take their unsuspecting customers down with them.

Our core values include integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect. In fact, we practice these principles in all of our business practices, and our customers reap the rewards.

We value all of our customers, because they are the heart of our company. We want to do everything in our power to keep them happy and coming back for more. One of the best feelings in the world is working a job from a referral from a past project. It means we’ve done our job, and we can help more people find the shower door they want.

By following our core values, we help ourselves stay focused, grounded, and always moving forward.

Clear Communication Is Our Motto

Having a clear line of communication is essential when conducting a service business. We always want our customers to feel like they can drop us a line whenever they need us, no matter how big or small the question or comment is. Our phone lines are always open during business hours, and someone is ready to pick up and help you with your query.

Unlike other companies, you won’t get passed around between departments. If we don’t know the answer immediately, we will find it and contact you as soon as possible. We care about our customers’ time and always make an effort to show respect and compassion.

Clear communication is a priority, and we keep our customers in the loop during the entire remodeling process, whether there’s an update or not.

Choose A Dependable Company For Your Belleville
Shower Door Replacement

When you’re ready to replace your old shower door with a brand new one, use Eight Hour Shower. Our superior products and detail-oriented installation leave all of our customers happy. If you want to learn more, read our fantastic reviews!

We happily serve Belleville, IL and surrounding areas, so contact us today for a free estimate!